Presidential Research Grant Recipients

Fall 2023, and Winter 2024

Fall 2023


Paige Flickinger, Allyssa Toth, Madielyn Knaggs, Jonathan Newby, Renee Olsen. College of Health Professions, Department of Occupational Science and Therapy.

Title: Cerebral Palsy and Social Participation: A Case Report


Melton, Callie. College of Education and Community Innovation, Public Administration.

Title: An Examination of the Clean Water Act’s Navigable Waters Rule and Recommendations from the Field


Raona, Anthony. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Biology.

Title: Understanding the Relationship between Strongyloides robustus, Flying Squirrels (Glaucomys spp.), and other Sciurid Species


Winter 2024 


Dietz, Katelyn. School of Interdisciplinary Health. 

Title: Examining health implications of social media on adolescents 


Dunham, Keely. Department of Biology. 

Title: Using airborne eDNA to investigate hemlock woolly adelgid impacts on Michigan mixedwood communities 


Ellis, Katelyn. Department of Public Health.

Title: Assessment of patient education and awareness on the benefits of spacer therapy when used with metered dose inhalers (MDIS)


Forelines, Grace. School of Interdisciplinary Health.

Title: Exercise for everybody: Inclusive fitness programming for college students with disabilities 


Jalali, Jamshid. Department of Biology. 

Title: Assessing contributions of agricultural land use and climate change to water scarcity in the Serbian Danube River Basin 


Mattson, Melissa. Department of Biomedical Sciences. 

Title: Steroid receptor expression in estrogen treated aged rat epididymis 


Ochoa, Marialuisa. School of Interdisciplinary Health.  

Title: Food access barriers among Grand Valley State University students


Swayne, Meghan. School of Interdisciplinary Health. 

Title: Assessment of the perceptions of food allergies accommodations on college campuses in West Michigan: A student's perspective

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