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Social Media and Marketing

Major: Advertising & Public Relations -Assist in managing social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter -Create, publish and distribute social media content -Monitor and engage with the community by responding to comments/messages -Contribute to the planning, and execution of marketing campaigns to promote upcoming events. -Work closely with the marketing team to brainstorm ideas, and contribute to campaign planning. -Assist with scheduling of volunteers and communicate the responsibilities and duties - Faciliate various administrative tasks related to marketing and communications

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Marketing in the Performing Arts

Major: Advertising & Public Relations Corey adjusts tasks based on interest, but I completed copywriting for email, programs, radio, and social media. I helped set up the hall for concerts as well and worked front-of-house multiple times during the semester. Sometimes I would complete research, as well.

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Komen Michigan Intern

Major: Advertising & Public Relations I created an email template for current and future events. If they need to send an email to the public they can select a template and send the email from there. Complete press releases for Komen Michigan events. I was supposed to attend some events, but the coronavirus happened.

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Angela Experience

Major: Advertising & Public Relations During my time at Angela Hospice, I was assigned to work on sending out gift bags with pillows that can be heated up, as well as a separate package that included Angela Hospice scarves to long time donors. These gifts are meant to show how much we cherish their commitment whether they donate because of a loved one they have right now, or someone who has previously passed away. They believe in what we do, and we cherish their support completely. Helping write and send out the messages is different and unique to each individual person due to the fact that we use consumer databases to find research different information about them. This special care helped develop my skills as a writer and patience. I was also assigned to write scripts for some of the videos we wanted to produce for the company promotions, I was put In charge of directing some of the scenes as well. If you donýt have good people skills it is very hard to explain to those participating what your vision is, and how you want it done. Only then can they completely understand the bigger picture of the project. Many of the scripts focused on training videos, one of them being a fire evacuation drill. The procedures have to seem firm and professional, and everyone must remain in a calm procedure so itýs not to confuse to viewer of the behavior expected. I had to make sure that the dialogue was long enough to fit each video taken and if what was being shown matched up with the dialogue.

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John Ball Zoo Marketing and Social Media

Major: Advertising & Public Relations At John Ball Zoo, I co-managed their social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This involved spending a significant amount of time photographing animals and staff and writing content for posts. I also worked on newsletters, press releases, radio ads, and keeping track of media mentions.

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Deksia Digital Specialist Internship

Major: Advertising & Public Relations In my time at Deksia I did many web updates for clients via google ads and google analytics. I also kept client information up to date across the board on all websites using third party scanning services and other SEO tactics that Deksia taught me while I was there. I created Facebook, Instagram and email ads for various clients and created email drip campaigns.

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Growing Locally: My Internship with a Small Local Business

Major: Advertising & Public Relations I was the Digital Marketing Manager and Event Coordinator for the small, locally-owned boutique. I was in charge of improving the website & social media content & exposure, creating advertisements for news media, brochures, & direct mail, planning and promoting events, and scheduling networking events with other local businesses & influencers.

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On-Campus Marketing Internship

Major: Advertising & Public Relations -Maintained social media image by creating a consistent brand voice -Supported administrative team to coordinate events -Brainstormed and researched campaign strategies and tactics -Tabled at events to increase program awareness -Documented events through pictures and film for social media

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Campus Recreation

Major: Advertising & Public Relations I created content for the social media content calendar for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I also put together an Intramural Sports video about "GV Games," and I worked tabling events and Rec N' Roll (golf cart trivia).

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Farming Girl

Major: Advertising & Public Relations I worked on the farm in all aspects including day to day work, Tuesday Harvests, and Wednesday Markets. I also worked on creating content for Instagram and day to day posts. I also worked on a special project that posted every Thursday. This project was a recipe a week. I used the veggies and some fruits in a way that some people may not have thought about. In a bonus there were many times that the veggies were grown on the SAP farm.

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Committee to Elect Rachel Hood

Major: Advertising & Public Relations This role was very heavy in community relations. I had to engage the community and build relationships. I coordinated events and did a lot of volunteer recruitment. I also was in charge of social media and developing tactics such as posts, fliers, and event execution schedules.

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Major: Advertising & Public Relations As a Social Media Intern for Grand Rapids After Hours (GRAH), I was in charge of four different venues which included the following: Van Andel Arena, the Intersection, the Downtown Market, and the Tin Can. With those four venues, I was responsible for collecting information on every event that they host(ed) from January to July, and entering that data into our GRAH website for the community to access. I was also in charge of taking my own professional photographs of my venues to add a visually pleasing appeal to the website. Along with my venues, each week I was expected to find 2-3 events in the downtown Grand Rapids area to attend and cover on our three social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On top of posting on our social medias, blogging before or after events was expected in order to better resonate with the community and develop our relationship with our growing network list.

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Advertising Agency Experience

Major: Advertising & Public Relations I worked in the Detroit office where I worked closely on kicking off and managing Buick projects, prepared image assets and copy documents for GMC and Buick websites, and researched/generated ideas for a Goodyear case study.

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Small Business Experience Matters Too

Major: Advertising & Public Relations Besides every day basic tasks like: checking all the social media and brief customer service, we did two projects during my internship. The first was a Mother's Day marketing project where we promoted a sale on our special Spring tote bags. The second is currently in production, and it is the story of Porteen Gear. IT will be a long video, and a series of short ones, going over the impact Porteen Gear has had on its employees, customers, and venders.

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The Borgen Project

Major: Advertising & Public Relations The internship revolved around completing tasks on a weekly tracker. It was really well structured and easy to follow. The tasks were anything from a 1-mile campaign to reaching out to local congressional leaders. A lot of the internship revolved around spreading awareness about the organization and key issues.

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Political Consulting Internship

Major: Advertising & Public Relations As an intern, I worked with the Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley's reelection. I provided mostly administrative services such as data entry and event scheduling. Additionally, I contributed to volunteer coordination at the Republican Leadership Conference on Mackinac Island in September and worked to maintain contact with those volunteers in the months after the conference in an effort to recruit precinct delegates.

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A Great Place to Intern

Major: Advertising & Public Relations While participating in this internship I assisted on commercial shoots, specifically with the set-up of equipment such as lighting, cameras, set design, etc. I also edited footage for promo packages that were aired on the station. In addition, I also wrote scripts for commercials and illustrated a logo.

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Strategic National Internship

Major: Advertising & Public Relations I worked on the Lt. Gov. Brian Calley's reelection campaign, specifically in the area of precinct delegate recruitment. Since in Michigan the lt. gov. is elected by delegates at state convention, the recruitment of these individuals is extremely important. My tasks and projects included volunteer coordinating more than 2,000 volunteers at the Republican Leadership Conference on Mackinac Island, gathering endorsements for the candidate, organizing and monitoring Calley's social media and incoming email, contributing to the scheduling of campaign stops, and more.

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Marketing/PR Internship

Major: Advertising & Public Relations I worked with the marketing department for the school and added some public relations aspects to their programs.

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Junior Executive

Major: Advertising & Public Relations I was in the Creative Dept. I was given creative briefs from real clients then came together with the creative director and other interns and created video spots, radio spots, billboards and posters and many other creative things. Use lots of Illustrator and Photoshop.

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Perrin Internship

Major: Advertising & Public Relations Create News release Discuss potential advertising tactics Maintain the company Instagram Assisted in the promotion and running of Grand Rapids beer week events and Winter Beer Festival Assisted in brewery when help was needed.

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Experience in The Work Place

Major: Advertising & Public Relations Created and ran an AdWords campaign for ten weeks, made regular and necessary corrections and improvement to the company website. I also did a lot of a research on the target audience and the different channels of communication to them. I developed promotional materials for the company and

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Changing Lives One Puppy at a Time

Major: Advertising & Public Relations While at Paws, I worked directly with the development team on monthly newsletters and e-newsletters, website material, all social media platforms, and, of course, puppy play time! Alone, I created a campaign for Instagram which is now being used, and I also had the opportunity to do a photo shoot for the current billboard campaign in West Michigan.

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The Black Sheep Experience

Major: Advertising & Public Relations As an Ad Sales Manager, I had the responsibility of finding clients that would like to advertise in either our print, online, mobile, or guerrilla marketing media. It was important to work with clients to ensure that their marketing campaign will target college students. Other tasks included communicating with other Black Sheep colleagues, work with the management team, and develop ad designs.

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2020 Social Media Internship

Major: Advertising & Public Relations I was in charge of the Twitter account as well as the email account. I sent out original material, retweeted things sent into us by students and other organizations, and replied to people who would tweet questions or concerns at us. The email account is mostly for students to email their questions, so I answered all emails associated with the 2020 address.

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