Submission FAQ's

Who can submit an experience?

Any Grand Valley student can submit their internship or co-op experience. The student must be enrolled at GVSU when the experience is submitted and have completed at least 100 clock hours with their internship or co-op employer.

What happens after I submit an experience?

All submissions are reviewed by an Experience Matters administrator based on the major selected on the submission form and the internship site supervisor. Once approved by the administrator and supervisor, it will appear on the web.

What if I don't want my experience on the web?

If you are required to post your experience for course credit, but do not want to publish your experience on the website, you can indicate that on the submission form. Only experiences that have permission from the student and employer will be published on the website.

Can I edit my form after it's been submitted?

Unfortunately, forms cannot be edited after they have been submitted. You can contact the Career Center at (616) 331-3311 or [email protected] if you need to make simple changes. For more than a simple edit, please submit a new form.

How do I know my submission went through?

After you click the submit button on the Submission Form, you will be taken to a "Thank You" screen. If you do not see this screen, then your submission was probably not captured. It is recommended to use Firefox or Google Chrome when submitting your experience.

Page last modified June 5, 2015