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Felt Like I belonged

Major: Film & Video I was a video editor for this job. I did also have the chance to be on-set to help record a couple of episodes for a future project.

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Government Relations Intern

Major: Political Science I reported directly to the director of government relations and had the primary task of staying up to date on research for any legislative action at the federal and state levels for bills and regulations that could have an effect on the business of A2LA. In addition to that I was responsible for drafting letters to the legislative representatives and government agencies advocating for the beliefs of A2LA on the specific issue.

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Loyola Ramblers Athletic Internship

Major: Sports Management My internship included learning more about what each position is responsible for within the athletic department, and completing various business administrative projects throughout the summer. My three largest projects were putting together the 2020-2021 athletic department calendar, creating a 'Wikipedia' of up-to-date athletic alumni information, and conducting a research summary for a new ticket sales system. My supervisor and other staff were always willing to help if I had any questions, and point me in the right direction to get things done efficiently. I appreciate that they trusted me to work independently and get things done on time with high quality work.

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Political Campaign Internship

Major: Political Science Prior to my promotion, my responsibilities included but were not limited to; engaging in voter outreach via phone banking, conducting policy research, and drafting policy proposals. In the Winter 2020 Cohort, I invested about 100 hours into the internship. Since my promotion to Intern Supervisor, my responsibilities have expanded. I anticipate investing at least 15 hours a week into the campaign, but suspect this number will rise the closer we get to Election Day. Not only am I still working hard on reaching voters and galvanizing support, but I am also responsible for collecting intern availability/coordinating scheduling, delegating weekly assignments, and resolving issues, such as lack of involvement, questions, or technological issues. I also assist Cameron and Bill with other tasks, such as assisting the coordination of fundraisers, preparing mail, delivering donor gifts, and attending local school board meetings.

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Nonprofit Internship with Healthcare Focus

Major: Allied Health Science As the Administrative Intern, I was privileged enough to work on a variety of projects during my time at the Children's Healing Center. I wrote grants for the organization, managed social media accounts, coordinated a Giving Tuesday campaign, helped plan a fundraising event, curated marketing content, and organized staff's time tracking.

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Major: Sports Management While completing my internship for the Wyoming Wolves Athletic Department, I was in charge of mass scheduling for different sports and the corresponding conference championships and tournaments through MHSAA. I was also able to assist some Gameday preparation duties for basketball during the course of my internship.

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Associate Director of Athletics for Student-Athlete Welfare & Development

Major: Sports Management I learned very valuable information from Mr. Moore. Different tasks that I completed were NCAA Bid Portal Submissions, Laker Impact Series Flyers, Budget for NCAA Bid Portal, Travel aspects for NCAA Bid Portal, GVSU Student-Athlete Welfare and Development Brochure, Social Media Production, Senior Spotlights, Careers In Public Service Fair, GVSU Job Listings Document, Varsity Jackets Spreadsheet, Listened on a conference call, GLIAC Track & Field Championships and other tasks.

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Athletic Administration Intern at Holland Public Schools

Major: Sports Management Assisted head Athletic Director at on-site events and during school days Involved in game management, crowd control, and event preparation Verified athlete eligibility, officials scheduling, and tournament rosters Helped manage MHSAA state tournaments Assistant coach of Holland High School junior varsity baseball team

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GVSU Athletics Internship

Major: Sports Management -Enhance fan game day experience through implementation of game and event promotion -Strategically promote athletic events to the local community, primarily students on campus -Develop relationships with local partners and sponsors -Liaison between the athletic department and on and off campus organizations -Work with other departments to create a seamless gameday experience

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First Tee Program Intern

Major: Sports Management During my internship I was given many different tasks to complete. Excel spreadsheets and transferring numbers over, addressing/ mailing letters, cold calls, emailing school districts, set up/take down/running golf sessions, organizing equipment donations, creating social media content, brainstorming creative ideas, and creating First Tee flyers. I also was working hands on with the students delivering the Life Skills Experience.

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Interning for a Congressman

Major: Political Science The prioritized task of my internship was answering all incoming phone calls and either directing them to the appropriate caseworker or recording the constituent's opinion. In addition, each morning I would compile a list of relevant news articles from various sources in the 2nd District that is emailed to all of Congressman Huizenga's staff (both in the district and in Washington D.C.) as well as the congressman himself. Outside of these activities, I conducted various projects such as writing congratulatory letters, organizing and updating the office's database, writing memos, and creating a travel brochure.

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Game Night Intern

Major: Sports Management "Work the Griffins box office selling tickets through the AXS ticketing software, redeeming vouchers, and assisting fans to provide them a great experience while using exemplary customer service skills. "Reconcile cash drawer after the box office closes. "Participate in in-game promos and assist staff & customers in any way.

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Sales and Marketing Assistant

Major: Sports Management I had came up with an event that took me all semester to get information for. I met with a lot of people to get their opinions on the event I created. I also helped prepare games to be played for the basketball teams during their season. I also help clean at the end of the games as well. During this time I also help with advertisement around the school. Making sure the school was fulfilling the contracts they have with sponsorships.

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GVSU Club Sports

Major: Sports Management -Assist in the planning, organizing, and supervision of home events both on and off campus. -Assist with risk management oversight and travel coordination. -Manage social media pages. -Keep Club Sports updated with current information. -Create press releases for competitions and program announcements.

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Athletic Director Internship

Major: Sports Management I completed a variety of tasks that were both inside and outside of the office. Some of these tasks included putting winter/spring schedules into ScheduleStar which is website that we use for all scheduling, I put summer camps onto Byron Centers website for parents to sign their kids up at, I attended board meetings with Brady and got to meet other ADs in the conference, I also got to attend coaches meetings about how to handle a variety of situations including hiring as well as moving players up to varsity. Finally I was helping put on Roundball Bash which is a large annual event at BCHS to fundraise money

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Komen Michigan Intern

Major: Advertising & Public Relations I created an email template for current and future events. If they need to send an email to the public they can select a template and send the email from there. Complete press releases for Komen Michigan events. I was supposed to attend some events, but the coronavirus happened.

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Angela Experience

Major: Advertising & Public Relations During my time at Angela Hospice, I was assigned to work on sending out gift bags with pillows that can be heated up, as well as a separate package that included Angela Hospice scarves to long time donors. These gifts are meant to show how much we cherish their commitment whether they donate because of a loved one they have right now, or someone who has previously passed away. They believe in what we do, and we cherish their support completely. Helping write and send out the messages is different and unique to each individual person due to the fact that we use consumer databases to find research different information about them. This special care helped develop my skills as a writer and patience. I was also assigned to write scripts for some of the videos we wanted to produce for the company promotions, I was put In charge of directing some of the scenes as well. If you donýt have good people skills it is very hard to explain to those participating what your vision is, and how you want it done. Only then can they completely understand the bigger picture of the project. Many of the scripts focused on training videos, one of them being a fire evacuation drill. The procedures have to seem firm and professional, and everyone must remain in a calm procedure so itýs not to confuse to viewer of the behavior expected. I had to make sure that the dialogue was long enough to fit each video taken and if what was being shown matched up with the dialogue.

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City of Holland Recreation Internship

Major: Sports Management During my time as an intern, the main programs that I worked with were youth and adult basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, and softball. I also had the opportunity to work a couple of non-sport activities such as the daddy daughter dance and mother son date. I was responsible for finding contacts to send out marketing promotions to in order to increase program participation. I was also a site supervisor for the basketball programs to ensure everything was running smoothly. Lastly, I gained experience in selling sponsorship.

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Refugee Education Center Social Work Case Aide Intern

Major: International Relations I did a variety of different things. I did a lot of paperwork, working on case files, going on home visits, learning how to work with interpreters, and a lot of other behind the scenes work.

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Intern Athletic Director

Major: Sports Management I worked day to day operations as well as some of the evening event. One specific project that I worked on was the 50th anniversary celebration. I had to go back through 50 years of yearbooks and type up a roster for boys cross country, football, and sideline cheer. This roster was then presented to each fan at the gate of the football game.

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495 Internship

Major: Sports Management My Main duties were on game days where I would help set up courts for Basketball or women's and co-ed volleyball. I made sure games ran smoothly and kept score and stats when needed. I helped teams fill out paperwork, and made sure that teams knew when their next games were and directed them to where they played. I also helped with Youth sports and that at times was a little more challenging dealing with parents. I helped run a kinder league class a couple times and supervised games and made sure no kids got hurt and parents did not get too rowdy.

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Sales with the Grand Rapids Drive

Major: Sports Management A full time job that included: 1. Finding and gathering prospects interested in Drive basketball 2. Setting meetings with prospects and telling them more about the different plans and packages the Drive has to offer 3. Sponsorship Activation 4. Arranging Away team Travel while visiting Grand Rapids 5. Organizing Non-profit Donations 6. Community outreach and Events

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JR Automation - 3rd Rotation

Major: Engineering - Computer Briefly, and ignoring many specifics that are covered in a different prompt, I was charged with commissioning two different machines. This means assigning IPs, configuring devices, and establishing a happy network by which the PLC communicates with its peripherals. I also was charged with being primarily responsible for programming an HMI for one machine, and assisting in the HMI program of another. I assisted in debugging PLC logic, hardware testing (I/O checking, VFD testing, etc.), I/O mapping and writing some of the safety program for one of the projects. I also assisted with auto-sequences, manual motions, dry cycle testing. I'm sure I'm missing a lot. If you prove yourself capable and eager, JR is always happy to give you more.

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My Final Co-op at L3Harris

Major: Engineering - Electrical I specifically worked within the test engineering department. As a result, most of my time was spent either setting up/designing parts for automated testing stations, troubleshooting issues with testing stations and conducting test procedures.

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GVSU Club Sports

Major: Sports Management I was tasked with handling day to day external and internal operations for things surrounding club sports. I wrote numerous articles for our website (gvsuclubsports.com), coordinated appropriate spreadsheets for day to day functions of our clubs, handled organization of specific files for our clubs and office, and supervised all things involved with game operations.

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