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Cascade Hills Country Club Outdoor Operations

Major: Sport Management I was involved with everything related to Golf. Managing the range, operating various golf course equipment, leading efforts in the bag room and cart garage, organizing weekly men's and women's leagues, overseeing invitationals and tournaments, and communicating with every level of the organization were some of the primary tasks I was assigned with throughout the summer.

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ETS Performance Summer Internship

Major: Communications As a coach and an intern, it was my responsibility to train the athletes on proper strength and speed mechanics, in order to enhance their athleticism. Additionally, it was vital for me to utilize my communication skills in order to build relationships with all of the athletes, in order for them to trust my coaching and feel comfortable around me. It was important for me to motivate the athletes day in and day out to push themselves to their limits, especially with the correct, mindful training. It was also essential that I contributed to the high energy, motivating and inspiring environment that ETS is supposed to provide in order for the athletes to reach their highest potential.

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Grand Rapids Gold

Major: Sport Management Promote and represent the Grand Rapids Gold, to the Grand Rapids community through community events. Provide giveaways, promotional and ticket information to community members. Execute set-up and tear down of events. Collect and input data into Salesforce and make calls to both individual and groups for potential ticket sales. Coordinate calendar for events.

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Digital Marketing Internship

Major: Multimedia Journalism At this internship, I was in charge of running the social media for the company while I was there. I also helped with Graphic Design elements, technological skills, and compiling analytics.

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American Dunes Golf Club

Major: Sport Management At American Dunes, I have had the privilege to assist in over a dozen golf events. I have also been tasked with assisting in managing the golf shop, online sales, and reservations.

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Small Town, Big Job

Major: Sport Management I supervised and helped run the soccer season in the month of May and Early June. Late June was a lot of preparation and remote work for the summer camps. Now in July, I am on my 3rd week of running the youth summer program as a director. I am still in the process of grant writing to get some more baseball equipment. This was an excellent internship from an administrative perspective because it required hard work on and off the field. A true management experience.

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Midland Country Club-Golf Operations

Major: Sport Management Some of my tasks I do on a daily basis include: Manage and organize tee sheet, help coordinate outside staff, coordinate/assist with all of our leagues, coordinate/assist with all of our club events(ex. member/guest, member/member), assist/coordinate all all of our clinics, assist/coordinate with our Jr. League and Jr. Camps, coordinate/assist with the Great Lakes Bay Invitational Pro-Am.

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YMCA David D. Hunting Internship

Major: Sport Management As an intern at the YMCA David D. Hunting location I worked a variety of tasks for two seperate areas. The first was for the Ted Rasberry youth baseball league and the second one was daily operations at the wellness desk. The tasks I completed for the youth league include: - Organizing team and coaching apparel - Helped organize team practices and games - Empired and coached As for the wellness desk part I learned: - Scheduled appointments for personal training, racquetball, and basketball trainings - Customer service - How to properly and safely use all the weight/ sports training equipment

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Rec Sports Intern

Major: Sport Management I am responsible for facility clean up, management, and maintenance to keep the Volleyball and softball ball leagues operating at a high standard. My main priorities are keeping the playing surfaces up to standard and fixing/cleaning any problems around the facility. I also act as a supervisor and scorekeeper for a Volleyball league.

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Lean Leadership

Major: Integrative Studies I spent the majority of my time working in each department with the department heads. Learning from numerous people and their leadership styles. I created a procedural booklet for each department and put together a lean binder for classes the company can use moving forward. The overall goal was to put information on paper so that the company can use this information to improve productivity and workflow through the shop.

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Ticket Sales Intern

Major: Sport Management I have participated in group sales, individual sales, coordinating with clients, operations, special events, and much more.

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Student Recreation Internship

Major: Sport Management Part of my internship was helping oversee the day to day operations of the Student Recreation Center and the student employees. Some of the tasks included: Sell membership passes and program registrations, operate various computer applications, perform periodic inspections of sports equipment and facilities, assist with the set up and take down of equipment and events, and work special events such as facility rentals and parties.

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Sponsorship Sales Internship

Major: Sport Management This role involves developing and presenting innovative sponsorship and ticket sales ideas to potential prospects. The main responsibilities include researching and identifying potential companies for Ferris State's sponsor network and season ticket holders, assisting in creating proposals and contracts, utilizing the Zoomifier presentation platform for client presentations, building and maintaining relationships with sponsors, compiling proof of performance reports, managing the Pipedrive CRM platform for tracking leads, and creating marketing packages with creative ideas. The picture shows Ferris State fulfilling their sponsorship agreement with Buffalo Wild Wings by installing in-lay logos at the ice hockey arena.

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Major: Computer Science · Assist with data collection, processing, and analysis using various data tools and software  · Help develop data models and visualizations to support business intelligence reporting and analysis  · Collaborate with development team to create crystal reports, BI and SSRS reports for clients  · Conduct research and data analysis to create and support business decisions  · Collaborate with team members to identify areas for improvement in data analysis and reporting  · Participate in team meetings and provide input on project progress and status updates


Game-Day Intern

Major: Sport Management We were tasked with the preparation and carrying out of in-game tasks such as promotions, give aways, mopping court, assisting home and visitor benches, and the setup and tear down of advertising banners.

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Game Day Presentation Assistant

Major: Sport Management I had to organize Chuck a puck for the weekend games for my internship. Complete game day scripts and take pictures for sponsor thank you notes. Put game day revenues into Excel, and send invoices to season ticket holders. I also did any other task that was given to me.

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Non-Profit Immigration Law

Major: International Relations I am in charge of a wide variety of activities and projects, some of which include organizing files for the office, doing research on a variety of issues including different countries' conditions, and examining advocacy initiatives for educational purposes.

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Laker Academic Success Center Experience

Major: Sport Management My main job was to keep the student athlete engaged and informed via the social media account. I created an array of graphics and videos to post on Instagram. Coordinated with speakers to exchange information necessary to the success of their presentation.

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Berlin Raceway Experience

Major: Sport Management Narrowing down what I did during my internship would be quite difficult as I was all over the place at Berlin. From being in the front office working promotions for the season to managing the facility keeping it organized and clean to picking up tires in Indiana. I was all over the place and gained a lot of experience in different areas of the organization.

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Athletic director intern

Major: Sport Management I assisted the athletic director with day to day tasks such as responding to emails, reaching out to other athletic directors to schedule games, making sure refs were at each game and ensure that they are paid, event/game management, and using programs such as schedule star.

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GVSU weight lifting intern

Major: Sport Management What my job was for this internship was to instruct a class of how to lift properly. I would show them the movements and help spot when needed. I would also clean up after each class so all the equipment was sanitized for the next session.

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Co-op 2

Major: Mechanical Engineering I assited in a varity of product launches from ordering tooling, fixtures, and problem solving. Also I supervised an area and assisted in day to day operational issues.

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Electrical Design at TowerPinkster

Major: Electrical Engineering I did electrical design for various architecture projects ranging from elementary schools to affordable housing for the elderly. My responsibilities as a designer spanned from the electrical pole on the street all the way to the light switch.

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2nd Co-op Rotation

Major: Mechanical Engineering My main task was running laser cell production which included cleaning, repairs, and other general maintenance on the 6 laser cutter machines as well as the Sort Ný Etch. I also completed side projects of 2D CAD and gcoding, 5s projects, cycle time improvements, welding, duct work, motors, etc.

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Second Co-op Rotation at Axis Automation

Major: Mechanical Engineering A large amount of my time this semester was spent working on tooling station and robot end effector designs. This includes but is not limited to initial designs, internal and customer design review meetings which require design changes, compiling documentation for the components to be machined and built, and overall job documentation for the customer.

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