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Marketing in the Performing Arts

Major: Advertising & Public Relations Corey adjusts tasks based on interest, but I completed copywriting for email, programs, radio, and social media. I helped set up the hall for concerts as well and worked front-of-house multiple times during the semester. Sometimes I would complete research, as well.

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Reporting for the Washington Blade

Major: Multimedia Journalism Working from Washington D.C. over the summer, I served as a reporter for the Blade covering my area of interest and focus, national politics. I reported on numerous stories from Capitol Hill and other areas to relate news in the political arena to how they affected the LGBTQ community. In doing so, I covered events including press conferences as the Capitol featuring high-profile members of Congress and was the Blade's on-the-ground reporter at the epicenter of protests outside the U.S. Supreme Court on the day of its decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization to rescind the nationwide right to abortion access.

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Internship at Allendale Public Schools

Major: Sport Management I spent my time either working events or in the school. For events, I would set up before events, take down after, and make sure things were running smoothly during the event. Some things were specific to the sport. During boys soccer and basketball I would often be in charge of the clock and scoreboard. For football games I would work as the spotter, meaning I would watch who the ball carrier was and who made the tackle then give the numbers to the announcer. Most of my event work was focused on how to run an event and learn all the little details that make for a successful event. In the school, I did a wide range of tasks. Somedays it was organizing contracts. Other days I was hanging up or taking down posters in the gym. There were times where I just sat back and learned how do do things like scheduling games or would listen to my supervisor talk to coaches.

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JR Automation Control Engineering Co-op

Major: Electrical Engineering As a controls engineering, I am responsible for programming these machines using PLCs (Programmable logic controllers, and HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces). Other responsibilities include using AutoCAD Electrical to design and update machine electrical documentation.

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My Experience at Magna International

Major: Mechanical Engineering I was the Verification and FDM team leader. In this position, I worked on 3D scanning as well as rapid prototyping.

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My Game Ops Experience

Major: Sport Management The tasks/projects I have completed are different in each sport. In all sports we set up and prepare the event beforehand. Iýve managed traffic for parking during the events and helped with post game tear down. Iýve also been a ball boy for soccer games. While not working games, I am in our departmentýs office completing other tasks such as doing inventory, making sure the golf carts are filled with gas, and helping with delivered packages.

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3rd Rotation

Major: Mechanical Engineering This rotation I was able to step into the light of the Systems team, where I helped work on Avionic's systems specifically dealing with dynamically tuned gyros. The goal of my internship what to help manage their work instructions for their manufactuirng operations, as well as help work on testing and analysis work that needed to get done for the team. We are scarse on mechanical engineers, so I was able to really take reigns to help get things done.

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2nd Co-op Rotation

Major: Electrical Engineering I was tasked to redesign and build a device that tests the different functions of the Ford Bronco tail lamp. Another project that I worked on consisted of designing a smart lamp, which is a lamp with an additional circuit that will modify its functioning by simulating individual failures of the LEDs sequentially. The smart lamp is used to check if the equipment could detect the failures. I also did a lot of troubleshooting of failed lamps to determine the exact cause of the failure and then documented the findings in a report.

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The life in High Speeds

Major: Electrical Engineering Tasks ranged from troubleshooting preproduction parts to running simulations of circuit boards. It also entailed working with clients from Fortune 500 companies to small entities like our organization.

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Co-op Rotation 3

Major: Mechanical Engineering I worked with the engineering team on designing the assembly station for a new office chair that'll be introduced around spring of 2023. I was involved with designing the pallet that holds the chair as it goes down the assembly line and the seat press assembly station.

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Great Coworkers Make All the Difference

Major: Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering As with the first two rotations, we are expected to conduct EMC tests; This time around, however, we were challenged to operate with more independence. I was assigned tests I had never conducted before and was trusted to be able to either figure out how to do it and know when to ask for assistance. We were also tasked with communicating more frequently and directly with clients, just like the full-time engineers.

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Progressive Surface

Major: Computer Engineering Tasks include setting up PCs for machines, creating documents and manuals, and working on PLCs. There is also work done in AutoCAD Electrical updating drawings for projects. I was also given the opportunity to join the electrical assembly team for a week to experience building panels and control enclosures.

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Active Inspection: Hands-on experience with Dr. Arun Dalmia

Major: Computer Engineering Over the course of this session, I have been tasked with training in C# application development by developing and debugging console applications, along with building C# unit tests for programs in Active Inspectionýs common repository. I have been thoroughly testing front-end applications for bugs and overall functionality before release, practicing with identifying and fixing the bugs I find, assembling computers fitted with Active Inspection applications, assembling enclosures for electrical systems, writing/appending user manuals and presentation slides for the same applications, and maintaining a housekeeping system I developed for application testing and development.

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aMDI Co-op Experience

Major: Mechanical Engineering I worked on creating a protocol and execution of an accelerated aging study, a design history file (DHF) remediation project, and worked to promote innovation through liquid photopolymer additive manufacturing (3D printing).

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Cotiviti Internship Experience

Major: Statistics While at Cotiviti, I worked on multiple projects with various software architectures, including AWS cloud and On-premise data center. I am responsible for designing and building continuous integration and deployment pipelines, performing configuration management, following security guidelines, and architect cloud environments. I worked closely with the development team to build and deploy the .Net, Java, Python, and SSIS projects across various development, staging, and production environments. I also got the chance to design and build an internal in-house application from scratch, which helped the team to automate routine tasks. The application had many services, including backend, frontend, message queue, caching, proxy and database. I am working with the Data Operations team to design and build infrastructure-as-code and data pipelines for the AWS environment.

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Local Spins Music Reporter

Major: Multimedia Journalism Most of the tasks given to myself and my fellow interns were concert and festival reviews. After being given a specific event to cover, I was asked to describe the scene of the show, what songs were sung, how the audience reacted to the music, and to get a quote from a concertgoer and/or a band member. We were also given a final project in which we were asked to find a local band, conduct an interview, and piece together a feature story about the band and their influence on the local music scene.

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Blackmer Co-op

Major: Mechanical Engineering During the semester I was challenged with many tasks such as completing Engineering Change Request and Notices, BOM changes, configurator updates, SolidWorks CAD model and drawing design, completing hands on work such as building and tearing down pumps and compressors, and running tests on units.

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3rd Co-Op Rotation

Major: Mechanical Engineering During this Co-Op rotation, the majority of my tasks were quality based. A new product line was being launched for a customer which involved the interior mirror not only being a mirror but also an LCD that is capable of showing an image from several cameras around a vehicle. Developing a new product comes with many unexpected problems in which large-scale studies need to be done to discover their source. This was my main task. A secondary project was re-creating a suitcase tester used for testing mirrors for functionality out on the production floor. While re-creating it some improvements needed to be made which led to creating of new 3D models, and a bill of materials.

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Project Engineering Co-op

Major: Biomedical Engineering Being a smaller company, I completed a variety of projects, including research, product testing, developing manufacturing methods, and product development.

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Trane, Creative Solutions Team, Electrical

Major: Mechanical Engineering I mainly focused on D-team engineering which are chillers that come from pueblo like the RTAC, CGAM, and ACRB. I focused on pump packages, dual point power and waterside economizers. Additionally, each electrical drawing needs to be audited which falls pretty heavily on the intern. Finding mistakes in others works helped to point out potential mistakes of my own. Each job can be broken down into 4 parts. Purchasing, drawings paperwork and programing. Purchasing includes adding all items on the Bill of Materials (BOM) to a requisition program JobBOSS and sending it to the materials team. Drawings includes updating and adjusting previous jobs to meet the new design requirements or starting an new drawing from scratch if nothing similar is available. Paperwork includes special shipping labels, installation and operation manuals and test logs built for the customized changes to the unit. Programming includes using Tracer TU to adjust previous programs to meet current requirements.

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Peter Basso Experience

Major: Electrical Engineering I have designed lighting systems for buildings. I have helped in research on emergency generators. I have designed the layout of receptacles for office spaces. Lastly, I learned how to the use Revit, CAD and AFI.

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3rd Co-op Rotation at Ravenna Ductile Iron

Major: Mechanical Engineering - Cleaning and putting away pattern plates - Operating a jib crane and hi-lo to put away pattern plates. - Improving the current tools to run better(this is done in CAD). - Designing how a customers part will fill and solidify within a sand mold (this is done in CAD). - Quoting and launching tools with different pattern shops. - Making PowerPoints for modifications to be made to pattern plates. - Submitting .stl files for sand mold filling simulation. - Analyzing simulation results and making changes in CAD accordingly.

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Herman Miller CoOp Fall 2022

Major: Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering I worked as the primary operations engineering support for the machining area in Casegoods manufacturing. I also helped integrate 3D printing into the plant and trained some of the engineers at the plant on 3D printing common practices and modeling.

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Final Co-op Experience at Viant Medical

Major: Biomedical Engineering I wrote and edited several types of documents including but not limited to: component specifications, item masters, qualification protocols and reports, work instructions, fixture files, formal information collections, etc. I also owned several trackers for component procurement, drawing revisions, all documentation (500+) involved in the new product launch, and more. I worked closely with my project team on designing equipment and their stations with integrators to make them ready for the line and process development. Worked with supply chain to gather supplier information and documentation to get them as an approved supplier through Viant, ensuring they can meet all of the specifications needed by the customer on their drawings. I also created a tracker to track component inventory and first article inspection data.

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EGR 490 - Co-op III

Major: Computer Engineering One project I completed involved developing a Python application that would automate the testing of motors and log data from them into csv files. Another project I completed was a Modbus application that posed as an industrial controller to test a VFD drive board. I also worked on a software application that had web-app elements on both the front-end and back-end.

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