Is Experience Matters sharing information illegally?

No! Career Services has met with legal council and ensured that all appropriate legal measures have been taken.  The student submission form along with the approval process ensures that no proprietary information is being shared.


What if students do not want their experience to appear on the web but I require they submit their experience for course credit?

The bottom of the submission form prompts the student to indicate if they approve of their experience appearing on the ExM website. If they indicate no, the submission still goes to the appropriate administrator for review and grading purposes. The administrator simply should not approve the submission to appear on the web. Students should not be penalized for choosing not to have their submission appear on the web.


What if I do not think a students submission should appear on the Experience Matters website?

It is up to each administrator how they would like to handle this. If you would like the student to re-submit their experience after editing you may have them do so through the student e-mail button on the administrator site. You can also simply not approve their submission for the web.


What happens over time to all the student submissions in the administrative site?

Submissions may be archived after each semester for organizational and referencing purposes


Can we have more than one departmental administrator?

No, however alternative solutions are available. You may contact Rachel Becklin in Career Services to explore those options.


Now that I have an administrator account where do I log in?

Experience Matters administrative access can be found by going to the ExM homepage https://www.gvsu.edu/experiencematters/, hovering on Departmental Administrator, and clicking on Log In.


How can my department's website showcase related experiences?

Career Services will send you a web-button that will direct viewer's to experiences specific to your department's majors. Just contact Rachel Becklin at [email protected]


As this is a new website, we are continually taking suggestions/comments. Please submit any to Rachel Becklin at [email protected]

Page last modified November 14, 2018