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GVSU Club Sports Supervisor

Major: Sport Management As a Student Supervisor for Club Sports, I handled a vast variety of different tasks required to administrate a successful and meaningful program. The tasks involved ranged from administrative to event management and planning. During my administrative days, I worked on streamlining processes regarding travel and vehicle rentals, front-end web development, and scheduling other student staff throughout the semester. During event management shifts, I would spearhead primary setup for numerous different club competitions. This involved getting gear from storage, field setup, operating the scoreboard, and ensuring GVSU policies were being followed.

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GVSU Game Operations Intern

Major: Sport Management As a game operations intern, I was required to attend majority of GVSU athletic events. During these events I would have a variety of tasks that needed to be completed. I would setup and teardown the entire event, but during the event I would be a team host, officials host, suites host, scoreboard operator, mopper, ball crew and so many other jobs. I also completed multiple office hours where I would attend meetings, manage the fields, setup schedules, laundry and any other tasks that might need to be done.

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Marketing Intern

Major: Communications I supported the Marketing and Advertising Specialist by carrying out communication task that was integrated with the goals of the client. I assisted in content creation, market research, event planning, and execution during my internship.

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Experiencing the sport recreation industry in Grand Rapids

Major: Sport Management Some tasks I was assigned since becoming league conveyer were assisting in interviewing, hiring and onboarding our league coordinators, who are the life blood of our leagues and are curial to the player experience. I was also in charge of general customer service and helping move our rebranding process forward.

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Spectrum Health Healthier Communities

Major: Statistics During my time at Spectrum Health Healthier Communities I had the opportunity to work on several different types of projects. These projects included assisting with grant writing, analyzing the patients social determinants of health risks in a couple different programs, lots of data visualizations, and anything else that the team needed assistance with.

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GVSU Sports Marketing

Major: Sport Management I assisted in in-game promotions for different sports, researched organizations to contact to be involved/recognized at events, and was responsible for playing music during events.

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Coopersville Recreation Intern

Major: Sport Management Over the summer, I took place in the mini sport camps where kids were dropped off for 4-5 hours, 3 times a week for 5 weeks, and I was assigned to come up with tasks and activities for the kids to partake in. Other interns were there to help me as well, but we divided up the kids based on their age group and ran different activity stations throughout the day. Lunch was provided and activities were run before and after lunch. During the fall I took place in field preparation, as well as over watching games and managing the scoreboards during the games. I was in charge of making a schedule for Matt with all the times of the games on them, as well as making a flyer for an event that takes place in December. These games were soccer, flag football, volleyball, and sideline cheer.

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Athletic Director Internship

Major: Sport Management Some things I would do at Greenville each week would be like, office work. I would learn how to report other athletic directors dates and times to confirm for events at home or away. I would make bus schedule for the kids to be pick up and drop off to the bus garage. I would organize contracts and make sure they were paid off or if needed to be paid. Outside of the school or even at events I would: Do Game day event coordinator like set up for football, or get gates set up in our concession booths. Get radios set up. Also make sure refs knew where the locker rooms were. Ask for food or water for them after the game. I would go around the stadium and make sure there was no drama like fights. I have helped with football, volleyball, soccer, cross country, basketball, and wrestling. I have been to some MHSAA meetings and listening in, also been to some admin meetings in the school system. Did some retreats with the kids and also a leadership conference. Some task at Greenville I did were setting up and take down for events. Making sure we had everyone working events. Taking care of people and making sure they got food or drinks. I did phone calls. Overall throughout my internship, it would be doing jobs that my boss would let me learn. I would take everything for granted because this could be some day. I would be in charge of some things like setting up for game day events and printing our programs for fans. I would stay from the begining to the end till fans leave the building. Also in the office, I would ask to do projects and I have caught up a lot of work for them and they are weeks ahead of schedule because I would get them done fast and right. If something they needed done, they knew where to find me.

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SoundOff Signal Co-Op

Major: Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering The internal projects I completed included, but were not limited to, designing a part in CAD for our goniometer to fix the chain slack, designing an LED sign for Project Night Lights, and creating an updatable bracket wall with all of our sellable vehicle specific accessories. I was also tasked with designing multiple sellable bracket products.

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My first co-op rotation at Nissan

Major: Electrical Engineering During my term I validated electric car chargers for current production vehicles, and performed a benchmark analysis of many competitors vehicles and their high voltage battery systems. I also synthesized weekly reports and presentation material. Data analysis was a huge portion of my job, so I often used MATLAB and excel.

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Genesis Seating Experience Matters

Major: Mechanical Engineering I walked around the assembly floor observing and analyzing assemblies, and come up with concepts to make assemblies more simple and efficient. I'd spend time making drawings of these concepts on SolidWorks and once the drawings were complete and approved, I'd build them in the maintenance area. Some of these projects involved making concepts/building an assembly table, mobile carts, and a hitch to connect carts together.

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Engineering Co-op 1

Major: Mechanical Engineering My main assignments were designing weld fixtures to help make parts for several of our customers. I worked with the engineering team to gather data and direction along the way. I conducted design reviews for each fixture to bring the team up to speed and to make important decisions. I also helped our machinists in the tool room with the assembly of this tooling. Beyond weld fixtures, I designed check fixtures for a number of the parts we manufacture and I produced overlays of old and new parts from customers to investigate the changes between revisions. In addition, I helped one of the engineers to program a tube bender.

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Mechanical Engineering Co-op Rotation #1

Major: Mechanical Engineering As a mechanical engineer intern in their first rotation I took on design lead in several projects rather quickly. I was tasked with designing and creating models in SOLIDWORKS for several brackets, wall art, and linkage systems. Conducting prototyping with 3D printed parts after the models and drawings were complete. Created bills of materials for several projects. Also wrote design reports and pulled together presentations on project progress to share with the customers.

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Magna Mirrors - 1st Rotation Co-Op

Major: Mechanical Engineering During my first rotation at Magna, I was tasked with measuring and analyzing critical dimensions on mirrors, conducting capability studies on various processes throughout the facility, programming a multisensor measurement system, and creating MRO forms for spare parts. I also had the opportunity to do some design work in SolidWorks for multiple new machine components.

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Computer engineering Co-op 1

Major: Computer Engineering I was tasked with developing and running tests on various embedded devices designed to meet customer specifications. Most of my work was project-specific updates for requirements verification that related to features like the Homelink wireless control system.

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Aerospace Co-op Experience

Major: Mechanical Engineering This summer I was able to work in Commercial Shroud components, which are directly installed into commercial jet engines for Boeing and Airbus planes. My goal this summer was to implement control limits to 30+ product families, and see out that these were restricting tolerances to ensure better parts and more confidence.

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PCEC Co-Op 1

Major: Computer Engineering I was given the opportunity to work on many different projects in order to learn the various engineering concepts surrounding them. Some notable tasks include writing Python applications with a full GUI to operate test fixtures and a high voltage power supply. That involved writing my first Python script and eventually to writing UART communication drivers and a JLink programming interface. I also got to write programs to conduct signal analysis such as using the Fast Fourier Transform to diagnose a signal and determine its frequency and amplitude. Another notable project that I completed was writing the embedded C API for another test fixture which also included a library that generates a PWM signal that, when passed through external circuitry like a low-pass filter, generates a sine wave. One of the last major projects I completed was programming an SPI that controls a Long-Range Radio shield for a microcontroller in order to transmit and receive data wirelessly. Additional projects I worked on included SMD soldering large circuit boards, conducting NFC range testing, high-voltage testing, and many other great learning experiences.

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2021 Co-op Experience First Rotation

Major: Electrical Engineering The tasks that I was assigned this semester included understanding the design of constructing a building electrically. This includes designing new and existing power, lighting and fire alarm in a three dimensional CAD software. I was also tasked with coordinating across different disciplines to ensure that the project design is moving at a great pace between disciplines. It really helps the project design when disciplines are on the same pace, and this ensures that the client would be not only satisfied, but excited about the outcome of the project. I also was tasked with understanding the phasing of the design of a project, and why each project goes through different phases.

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E3 Compliance Co op First Rotation

Major: Electrical Engineering I have performed numerous EMC tests from a wide range of products from aviation to commercial household equipment. I also helped diagnose issue with certain products and developed solutions to make these products pass test standards or simply prototyping stages.

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Dornerworks SepTech Co-op Rotation I

Major: Computer Engineering The main project I worked on during this semester was setting up Continuous Integration(CI) testing for the septech team on our NASA SBIR project.I worked closely with team members to make sure we could thoroughly test all applications that we made to ensure they all worked

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Engineering Intern

Major: Mechanical Engineering Since it was my first co-op rotation at Trans-Matic, I worked mostly on revision work. Revision work involves updating engineering drawings to match changes in the tooling or layout changes made by the toolmaker. However, as the rotation progressed and I gained more designing skills, I was assigned projects that required design work to fulfill requests made by the toolmakers or customers. For example, one of the toolmakers wanted some grating dropped eighteen inches in Trans-Maticýs large 240 press. Although it sounds like a relatively easy task, it was challenging since the grating still had to fit in the confined space provided while following regulations mandated by OSHA. In short, as I gained experience at Trans-Matic, I received projects that tested my abilities while also allowing me to gain new skills.

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Shaping Metal, and a Career

Major: Mechanical Engineering As an Engineering Intern, the majority of my tasks involved part/drawing/print updates and the use of Creo (Pro-E), my new favorite CAD software. Tool-makers on the shop floor would make changes to prints in order to improve tooling and the quality of production parts; it was my job to verify and implement them. I was also given a handful of small projects that involved developing creative solutions to real problems. I enjoyed these a lot, as I was able to exercise some creativity and apply concepts from previous coursework.

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First EGR Co-op Semester

Major: Mechanical Engineering This semester I completed a lot of interesting tasks and assignments. One task that was commonly assigned to me was completing engineering change requests. These are usually changes in dimensions or part numbers in a certain table/desk assembly that requires me to go through and change all of the engineering drawings that contain the part that was changed. Along with this, I also created setup drawings where I would have to add all of the different parts in a desk assembly and then create the engineering drawing for it. One project I did this semester was created nested drawer CAD files and then worked with a CNC programmer to mill out many drawer panels out of sheets of melamine. Another project I completed was designing a new modesty bracket for a table. I had to redesign the hinge to be universal because it had been assembled wrong on some tables and caused the veneer to tear off the modesty panels.

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Herman Miller Co-op

Major: Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering I was tasked with day to day operations of running an assembly line. This included tasks from improving safety like creating new stapling processes to improving machinery to make lines more efficient. I was also tasked with larger products like helping with new product launches and creating floor layouts.

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Magna Co-op

Major: Mechanical Engineering At Magna engineering I worked on projects that provided product support to validation testing, manufacturing, product development, and customer relations.

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