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Volunteer Baseball Coach

Major: Sports Management My tasks include taking care of the players in the weight room, helping the pitchers on the team, and baseball operations for the team. One of my biggest tasks I was in charge of is I am in charge of a prospect camp that is being held in January. It is my job to run, staff, and make sure everything runs smoothly.

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John Ball Zoo Marketing and Social Media

Major: Advertising & Public Relations At John Ball Zoo, I co-managed their social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This involved spending a significant amount of time photographing animals and staff and writing content for posts. I also worked on newsletters, press releases, radio ads, and keeping track of media mentions.

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Deksia Digital Specialist Internship

Major: Advertising & Public Relations In my time at Deksia I did many web updates for clients via google ads and google analytics. I also kept client information up to date across the board on all websites using third party scanning services and other SEO tactics that Deksia taught me while I was there. I created Facebook, Instagram and email ads for various clients and created email drip campaigns.

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Feel Like You Belong Internship Experience

Major: Communications I created newsletters and helped tag YouTube videos. During the shoot, I greeted guests and had them sign release forms and ran the teleprompter while filming. I also assist in putting together the set.

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Growing Locally: My Internship with a Small Local Business

Major: Advertising & Public Relations I was the Digital Marketing Manager and Event Coordinator for the small, locally-owned boutique. I was in charge of improving the website & social media content & exposure, creating advertisements for news media, brochures, & direct mail, planning and promoting events, and scheduling networking events with other local businesses & influencers.

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Campus Recreation in Madison

Major: Sports Management I had the opportunity to work on many different projects within operations. My biggest summer project was working on the FFE budget of around $5 million for a brand new rec center that will be opening this winter.

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Legal Internship

Major: Political Science As a legal intern at Serling & Abramson, I was tasked with multiple different assignments. For the most part, I was always available to help any coworker in any way they needed. I had the opportunity to do legal research for attorney's, prepare service documents, organize discovery documents, as well as answer the office phones when needed.

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Serving the 4th district

Major: Political Science My tasks were answering the phones, conducting research, sending out mailings, giving tours, and helping the congressman/staff with any and all tasks.

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Sport Internship at the YMCA

Major: Sports Management I was in charge of the setup and tear down of equipment for both the youth and men's basketball league, as well as managing the scorekeepers and referees during the games. I also assisted in running a free baseball league for the innercity kids of Grand Rapids, MI. My tasks were to attract clients, data entry, manage equipment and uniforms, collect gloves from the glove drive, manage the coaches and umpires, and to follow the state's regulations while passing out free meals to the kids after the games.

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Trane Grand Rapids Graphic's Experience

Major: Engineering - Mechanical At Trane Grand Rapids, I was responsible for drawing their floor, hydronic, and air handler graphics using Photoshop. Using floor and mechanical plans, I drew 2-D graphics their customers use to control their HVAC system and what the technicians use to easily fix any issues. I put together graphics orders by going through mechanical plans and control submittals and sent the order to their centralized graphics team.

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Controls Engineering Co-Op

Major: Engineering - Electrical This internship began with an assignment to use AutoCAD Electrical to design a practice print-package based on requirements from my supervisor. From there, I moved on to updating the companyýs AutoCAD Electrical title block and AutoCAD Electrical tutorials. I was then assigned the task of creating templates to increase the efficiency of the companyýs lock-out-tag-out documentation and bill of materials generation. These tasks formed the bulk of my semester. Furthermore, I was given the task of utilizing my templates on multiple customer jobs. Finally, I gained firsthand experience on the floor shadowing the companyýs electricians and familiarizing myself with the build stage of the engineering process.

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Mechanical Engineering Co-Op -- 1st Rotation

Major: Engineering - Mechanical This summer I completed a number of design projects related to continuous improvement in existing production flow. My role was design heavy, which entailed primarily CAD design. It also involved meaningful interaction with engineers, hourly team members, and production support to arrive at appropriate solutions to existing production issues. In some instances, I was involved in machining my designs from scratch.

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Magna Mirrors Engineering Co-op 1

Major: Engineering - Product Design and Manufacturing This semester I worked along with product engineers in the door handle product development department. Throughout the semester I helped with the design and validation of various handle projects for numerous leading car manufacturers. Since the facility I worked at is an R&D facility, I spent a lot of time in the tool shop and validation lab modifying and testing handles for ultimate strength, travel, effort, and CFM (air flow). I also completing freeze test studies to determine water ingress. Another big part of everything I worked on was documentation of what I was doing. I spent a lot of time creating DOE's (design of experiments) for the tests I performed as well as filling out design verification plan and reports and bills of material.

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Engineering Co-Op I

Major: Engineering - Mechanical Here at SAF-Holland, I have mostly been working on improvements to lab supplies and cost reducing tooling with regards to coupler products (Fifth Wheels). As the semester progressed, I got into more complex projects such as: redesign proposal for fifth wheel components, design of new crimping tool, FEA analysis on fifth wheel components, and much more.

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Launch Engineering Co-op - 1st Rotation

Major: Engineering- Interdisciplinary Day-to-day tasks included running and testing machines, debugging machines,continuous improvement of machines, and vision programming. The main job of a launch engineer is to debug machines and make adjustments to them so that they work as designed.

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Morning Host

Major: Multimedia Journalism During this internship, I was on air from 9-11 on Monday's and Wednesday's. I played music and talked between songs. I also helped run concerts the station put together and broadcasted live from them. I also helped fundraise for the station.

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Griff's Georgetown Operations Intern

Major: Sports Management As an operations intern I had a variety of tasks. Some of the ice duties were zamming the ice, edging and chipping, figure eights, replace boards, make blade changes, and check the depth of the ice throughout the rink. A few operation duties not dealing with the ice were painting marks throughout the rink, compressor scada system training, use floor scrubbers, and know how to operate the refrigeration units.

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Fulfilling Internship

Major: Information Systems - Windows 10 migration Client Management Suite migration Level III support of Client technology Office365 support - Computer deployments for members - Computer cleaning - Configuration of warehouse default computers (i.e. logon logistics, specialized software installation, set-up at designated warehouse location, etc.) - Daily tasks of tickets

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My Summer Internship at The Borgen Project

Major: Writing I wrote weekly articles that were due every week on Friday. Articles were to be proposed to our managers and had to be approved before we could begin to write them. There was also the option to use article ideas and titles that were already proposed and ready to be written about. Interns were to complete their weekly trackers that included activities like promoting The Borgen Project and calling/emailing congress to make a difference.

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Living Like a Stanley Cup Champion

Major: Sports Management I filled internal/external ticket requests for events at the Enterprise Center. I assisted in ticket resolution issues during events at Enterprise Center/Stifel Theatre in the box office. I helped with archiving of paperwork/data from previous Blues. Finally, I assisted with the development of the 2019-2020 season and single game plan tickets. Helping to set price codes, event and ticket interfaces.

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On-Campus Marketing Internship

Major: Advertising & Public Relations -Maintained social media image by creating a consistent brand voice -Supported administrative team to coordinate events -Brainstormed and researched campaign strategies and tactics -Tabled at events to increase program awareness -Documented events through pictures and film for social media

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Campus Recreation

Major: Advertising & Public Relations I created content for the social media content calendar for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I also put together an Intramural Sports video about "GV Games," and I worked tabling events and Rec N' Roll (golf cart trivia).

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GVSU Club Sports

Major: Sports Management Weekly tasks consisted of email correspondence with clubs, meetings & professional development, article writing, and website management. Some of the larger projects completed throughout the internship were hosting the NIRSA Regional Soccer Tournament, NCDA Dodgeball Nationals, and Club Sports Olympics.

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Elections Intern

Major: Political Science I helped prepare for and run elections happening within Ottawa County. This included sending local clerks supplies, registering voters, creating plans and FAQs for the upcoming elections, and helping my boss, the Elections Coordinator manage election days.

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U.S. Figure Skating Internship

Major: Sports Management My responsibilities included everything from hosting VIP and memorial fund events at the 2019 US Figure Skating Championships, to working in the Figure Skating Museum archives. I was even tasked with transporting and getting repair quotes for an Olympic gold medal!

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