Graduate Study in English

Graduate Degrees in English at GVSU

The English Department currently offers two Master of Arts degrees: the English M.A. and the M.A. in Applied Linguistics.  

The English M.A. offers students and professionals an opportunity to deepen literary knowledge, sharpen critical skills, and strengthen expository writing by studying a diverse range of literature in English. The program meets the needs of those who wish to pursue a Ph. D. in literature, teachers who want to strengthen their content expertise, and working professionals who hope to enhance their communication and analytical skills.  To learn more, please see English M.A. 

The Master of Arts degree in Applied Linguistics provides students with foundational knowledge of linguistics and its practical application to real world concerns. It addresses issues in language teaching and learning, language assessment, second language literacy development, cross-cultural communication, and empirical research in language learning and acquisition. The overall goal of the program is to train students to become knowledgeable and skilled English language specialists who can work in a variety of professional careers in applied linguistics at home and abroad such as second language education, English as a foreign language, adult literacy development, language assessment and evaluation, various domestic and international contexts of TESOL, language program administration, and publishing. The program also prepares students for doctoral study in TESOL and applied linguistics. For admission and program requirements, please see M.A. Linguistics.

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