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GVSU Board of Trustees Update

June 26, 2021

GVSU Board of Trustees Update

On June 25, 2021, the GVSU Board of Trustees approved the resolution of authorization of Lincoln-King Adams-Young Academy.

The board also approved the appointments and reappointments of charter school board members. The GVSU Charter Schools Office is thankful for the 34 board members who renewed their service to their community school, and is excited to welcome the following individuals as new school board members:

  • David Van Ee -- Byron Center Charter School
  • Troy Hooker -- Byron Center Charter School
  • Jared Bolleart -- Chandler Woods Charter Academy
  • Milinda Worley -- Chandler Woods Charter Academy
  • Wayne Bradley -- Cornerstone Jefferson-Douglass Academy
  • Lindsey Barrett -- Detroit Achievement Academy
  • Stephen Legath -- Francis Street Primary School
  • Lindsay Jahnke -- Light of the World Academy
  • Gerald Seizert -- Lincoln-King Adams-Young Academy
  • Horace Sheffield -- Lincoln-King Adams-Young Academy
  • Michael Dixon -- Lincoln-King Adams-Young Academy
  • Torion Bridges -- Madison-Carver Academy
  • Chayla Adkins -- Michigan Mathematics and Science Academy
  • Christopher Johnston -- Old Mission Peninsula School
  • Byron Johnson -- Reach Charter Academy
  • Brooke Karl -- West Michigan Academy of Arts and Academics
  • Nadine Brown-Uddin -- Windemere Park Charter Academy

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