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Students pursuing a career in speech-language pathology (SLP) or audiology need to know that the entry-level into the practice of either profession is a graduate degree (a master's degree in the case of speech-language pathology; a doctorate degree in the case of audiology).  Applicants for graduate study in SLP must complete a prescribed curriculum of foundational information prior to initiating the graduate degree.  The coursework included in the SLP emphasis at GVSU will fulfill the prerequisite requirements of most SLP graduate programs and prepare students for graduate study.  Although not always required for graduate study in audiology, many programs prefer that their applicants have some or all of the courses included in the SLP emphasis.  The curriculum also provides an excellent background for students who will pursue graduate study in related disciplines.

Students who wish to matriculate in GVSU’s prescribed SLP curriculum as part of their baccalaureate degree may either

  1. declare a major in Allied Health Sciences with an Emphasis in Speech-Language Pathology, or
  2. declare and complete the requirements of another GVSU major while concurrently completing the SLP curriculum. Students admitted to the GVSU SLP emphasis will be admitted to either the 4-semester (traditional track) sequence of courses or 2 – semester* (fast track) sequence of courses.

Below you will find suggested timelines for undergraduates wishing to complete the SLP coursework at GVSU as well as some links to useful websites and documents.

Current Undergraduate SLP Path:


The 4-semester sequence is completed across two academic school years, and students enroll in 2-4 courses each fall and winter semester. Students complete coursework following a prescribed sequence of courses.  This option is ideal for students classified as sophomores or juniors when they begin the course sequence.

Timetable for SLP Emphaiss for traditional undergraduates


The 2-semester sequence is completed in one academic year, and students enroll in 4-5 courses both fall and winter semesters.  Students complete coursework following a prescribed sequence of courses.  This option is ideal for students classified as seniors who have completed all requirements for graduation except for the SLP courses.*

Timetable for SLP Emphasis for nontraditional fast track undergraduates

(*This option is only available for students who are completing the requirements for a major other than AHS.  This sequence includes the courses that are essential prerequisites for graduate school and does not include all courses required for the AHS major with an SLP emphasis.)

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