Undergraduate Program


Students who choose to pursue a career in speech-language pathology (SLP) or audiology need to know that the entry-level into the practice of either profession is a graduate degree (a master's degree in the case of SLP; a doctorate in the case of audiology).  Applicants for graduate study in SLP must complete a prescribed curriculum of foundational information prior to initiating the graduate degree.  The coursework listed below will fulfill the prerequisite requirements of most SLP graduate programs and prepares students for graduate study.  Although not always required for graduate study in audiology, many programs prefer that their applicants have some or all of the courses below.  This curriculum also provides an excellent background for students who will pursue graduate study in related disciplines.

GVSU students who wish to matriculate in the prescribed curriculum as part of their baccalaureate degree may either 1) declare a major in Allied Health Sciences (AHS) with an Emphasis in SLP, or 2) declare and complete the requirements of another GVSU major while concurrently completing the required courses below. Individuals who already hold a bachelor’s degree, whether from GVSU or another institution, may enroll in these courses as a conditionally admitted graduate student. 

Students who declare a major in AHS and are admitted to the Emphasis in SLP enroll in a 4-semester sequence of courses. Students can only enter the course sequence beginning in the fall semester and students typically begin the Emphasis courses in their Junior year. 

Students who wish to complete a major other than AHS while concurrently completing the SLP Emphasis courses can enroll in the traditional 4-semester sequence of courses or a 2 –semester sequence.  The 2-semester sequence is designed for students who have completed most degree requirements prior to initiating the SLP Emphasis (i.e., typically have Senior status). The 2-semester sequence requires 15 credit hours of SLP courses both semesters in the program and students can only enter the sequence in the fall semester.   

Questions about the undergraduate programs can be directed to Dr. Janine Bartley, bartleyj@gvsu.edu.  

Admission to Program

Undergraduate students who wish to enroll in these courses (except for SLP 200) must apply for admission to the SLP Emphasis by completing a Secondary Admission Application 2018.  Questions about admissions and applications can be directed to Dr. Beth Macauley, macauleb@gvsu.edu.

Required Courses for the SLP Emphasis

Most of the subject matter covered in this emphasis is also offered in the majority of other undergraduate programs in speech-language pathology in the country, although some of these courses are not offered at other institutions for undergraduate credit.  The intent is to provide an outstanding preparatory experience for GVSU students that goes above and beyond what many other institutions provide. Please see GVSU's Course Catalog for further details.

  • SLP 200 - Introduction to Communication Disorders Credits: 3
  • SLP 302 - Anatomy & Physiology of the Speech & Hearing Mechanism Credits: 3
  • SLP 303 - Language Development Credits: 3
  • SLP 304 - Phonetics Credits: 3
  • SLP 305 - Introduction to Hearing Science Credits: 3
  • SLP 306 - Speech Science Credits: 3
  • SLP 307 - Language Disorders Credits: 3
  • SLP 308 - Articulation and Phonological Disorders Credits: 3
  • SLP 309 - Basic Audiology Credits: 3
  • SLP 401 - Neurological Foundations of Communication Disorders: 3
  • SLP 402 - Voice and Fluency Credits: 3
  • SLP 403 - Diagnostics in Communication Disorders Credits: 3
  • SLP 404 - Aural Rehabilitation Credits: 3
  • SLP 405 - Clinical Methods Credits: 3

NOTE:  All information provided on this page is superseded by the official university catalog.  Current and prospective students are encouraged to review the program requirements as specified in the current catalog and in conjunction with departmental and university advisors.

Page last modified November 29, 2017