Computing Excellence in Discipline Award Winners

May 02, 2022

Computing Excellence in Discipline Award Winners

The School of Computing is proud to acknowledge the recipients of our Excellence in Discipline awards. One student per major is given this honor every year. Computing faculty take time evaluating students based not only on their grades, but on their research projects, contributions to the classroom and the community, and to those who helped other students outside of the classroom. We want to offer a huge congratulations to the following students for receiving this honor this year:



Computer Science- Nathan Funckes

Cybersecurity- Mary Benton

Information Systems- Kara Byers

Information Technology- Isaac Beasley



Applied Computer Science- Elizabeth Mitchell

Cybersecurity- Jacob Coddaire 

Data Science and Analytics- Alyssa Hawker

Health and Bioinformatics- Sierra Strutz

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Page last modified May 2, 2022