Director's Welcome

Dr. Paul Leidig

On behalf of the Faculty and Staff of the School of Computing at Grand Valley State University, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our school. Over the last four decades, I have been fortunate to watch and be part of the development and adoption of innovative technology into society. There is an ever-increasing demand for professionals as computing is a continuously evolving discipline – and our mission is to provide a path for you find your role in this dynamic field.

To that end, our school offers several high-quality academic programs in computing at the undergraduate and masters levels. Once eligible, our undergraduate programs are fully accredited by ABET. On this site you can learn about our undergraduate majors: Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Technology, and Cybersecurity, several minors, and graduate programs in Applied Computer Science, Health Informatics & Bioinformatics, Cybersecurity, and Data Science & Analytics. You can also find information on our courses, along with what is happening with our students and faculty. It is our hope that you will discover the answers to (1) why Grand Valley is the best university to attend, (2) why you should get a degree in computing, and (3) which computing major is right for you. By offering Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Technology and Cybersecurity degrees in the same program, sharing the same faculty and facilities, students benefit from an applied practical program with experiential learning. 

With close to 50 full-time faculty members and approximately 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The Computing faculty have a proven record of teaching excellence and applied research.  Opportunities exist for collaboration and interdisciplinary research with industry and other academic partners through our Applied Computing Institute. Our faculty have a diverse set of expertise, are excellent teachers, and are active in their respective fields. 

We have state-of-the-art computing facilities, including dedicated labs for computing students and classes, along with a high-performance computing system with servers that support both classroom instruction and research. Students learn in an environment that emphasizes the practical uses of computing and information technology through courses that are applicable to businesses today and augmented through involvement in internships. 

Excellent job and career opportunities exist for our graduates as the need for these skills remains in high demand. As a result, our industrial partners, the School of CIS’s Advisory Board, strongly support the curricula, recruit our graduates, and work with our faculty.

Our alumni are engaged in innovative solutions and solving difficult problems in a wide variety of industries. Please share your success stories with us, and we will highlight selected stories on our web site.

This is an exciting time to enter the very dynamic and critical computing discipline. I am honored and humbled to lead our School of Computing into the future as we continue to embrace new computing opportunities and help solve new challenges.

Page last modified May 13, 2024