Hybrid Computing Lab

The Hybrid Computing (better known as Hybrid) lab is located at D-2-233 Mackinac Hall.

The lab is comprised of thirty Intel machines with large display monitors that are able to be stored within the desks for a standard classroom when not in use.  Machines have the standard university image which includes the Microsoft Office Suite as well as all software various university departments have requested.  Around the periphery of the lab are thirty-two decommissioned machines used to teach students how to build and trouble shoot hardware, as well as how to install Windows and Linux operating systems and utilities.  Students are able to remove and install components as part of CIS 230 projects. The lab is also used as a classroom and computer lab for numerous other CIS classes.

Our CIS 101 and CIS 160 classes also use this lab, and you can see what the lab environment looks like from the videos below, on those courses. 



Page last modified March 23, 2022