The Exploring Operating Systems lab (better known as EOS) is housed in A-1-105 Mackinac Hall.

The EOS lab contains thirty-two Intel NUCs with i5 eight-core processors and at least sixteen gigabytes of memory. The machines run the newest version of Arch Linux. A wide variety of programming languages are installed, including Python, PHP, Ruby, C, C++, Objective C, Fortran, and Java. Other languages are installed upon request. The Eclipse, Netbeans, and IntelliJ IDEs are pre-installed as well as common debugging tools.

Remote desktops via STRATUS provide access to Windows while other operating systems are virtualized as needed. Other software packages may be added throughout the year when students or professors have a research interest or other need. The lab is available 24/7 with a CIS keycard and can be accessed remotely by either command-line (SSH) or remote desktop (RDP) services. The EOS lab supports students in CIS 163, 260, 263, 343, 350, 353, 367, 371, 437, 452 and is available to any CIS student for projects, research, or general work. 

The EOS computers are named eosXX.cis.gvsu.edu, where the XX is a number 01 through 32.

Check out the video tour below of the EOS lab, given by Network Systems Administrator, Thomas Holcomb!

Tour of EOS

Page last modified January 12, 2023