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College of Education courses are listed on this page using the Course List module. The search Filter allows you to search for specific courses by entering a keyword or course number, and you can view the Course Description and details by selecting "View" next to each course. Information for each course may include:

  • The Course Number
  • The Course Title
  • The number of Credits required for the course.
  • The link to the course's Syllabus of Record, if one is available online. Please note that a Syllabus of Record is reflective only of the basic requirements for the course and serves as an example of content and assignments the course should offer. The Syllabus of Record assists faculty in preparation of their own individual syllabus for distribution to students. Syllabi for individual course sections are developed by program faculty and will vary in assignments and content.
  • The link to any key assessment Rubrics if used in the course. Please note that assessment rubrics are only used to collect course data from "key" courses within the College of Education programs. While all courses have assignments, only certain courses utilize assessment rubrics.
  • The Course Description as it appears in the GVSU Course Catalog.

College of Education Course List

Course Number Course Title Credits Rubrics
EDC 621 The Profession of School Counseling 3 EDC 621 Rubric View
EDC 623 Social/Emotional Development 3 EDC 623 Rubric View
EDC 625 Academic Development 3 EDC 625 Rubrics View
EDC 649 Career Development 3 EDC 649 Rubric View
EDC 651 School Counseling Curriculum and Techniques 3 EDC 651 Rubric View
EDC 680 Special Topics in School Counseling 1 to 3 View
EDC 685 Internship in School Counseling 3 or 6 EDC 685 Rubrics View
EDC 693 Master's Project 1 to 6 ED* 693 Rubric View
EDC 695 Master's Thesis 1 to 6 ED* 695 Rubric View
EDC 696 Continuation of Master's Project or Thesis Research 1 View
EDC 699 Independent Study in School Counseling 1 to 3 View
EDF 100 Teaching and Learning in a Diverse Environment 2 View
EDF 315 Diverse Perspectives on Education 3 EDF 315 Rubric View
EDF 316 Global Perspectives on Education 3 View
EDF 320 International Teaching Certificate Preparation 1 View
EDF 325 Learning from Detroit: Education and Community Revitalization 3 View
EDF 380 Special Topics in Foundations 1 to 3 View
EDF 399 Independent Study in Foundations 1 to 3 View
EDF 485 The Context of Educational Issues 3 EDF 485 Rubric View
EDF 499 Independent Study in Foundations 1 to 3 View
EDF 633 Race, Class, and Language 3 EDF 633 Rubric View
EDF 634 Teaching the At-Risk Student 3 View
EDF 635 Survey of Urban Education 3 View
EDF 650 Classroom Management (K-12) 3 View
EDF 653 School Learning 3 View