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2019-2020 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Psychology Minor

A minimum 2.0 GPA is required in the psychology minor. A minimum 2.7 GPA is required in the minor for students seeking teaching certification at the secondary level.

Requirements for a Minor in Psychology

Psychology minors are required to take a minimum of six courses in psychology totaling at least 20 semester hours of credit. PSY 101 is required, as is a methods course chosen from PSY 300 or, if the student is a social work major, SW 430.

Psychology minors must take one course from three of the six following categories:

1. Biological

2. Developmental

3. Personality/Clinical

4. Social Context

5. Cognitive

6. General


  • Students choose two additional psychology courses, totaling six credit hours, as electives.

Course Restrictions in the Minor

For students who choose to take PSY 399 and/or PSY 499, no more than three credit hours in these courses may be counted toward the minor. Psychology minors must take at least one-third of the credits constituting their minor from the psychology department.

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