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2023-2024 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Master of Education in Learning, Design, and Technology

The M.Ed. in Learning, Design, and Technology program prepares professionals to design and develop effective, engaging instruction and empirically grounded learning environments that effectively employ technology in a variety of settings, including PK- 12, higher education, business, non-profits, and other training settings. This program integrates powerful contemporary ideas about learning with emergent technologies to design and evaluate learning environments, products and programs. Candidates develop a strong foundation in instructional design, learning sciences, and innovative instructional practices supported by technology.


Program Objectives

Students who complete the program should be able to

  1. effectively use technology in their instructional settings,
  2. design courseware and digital media products to support teaching, learning, and training,
  3. select appropriate technology-based resources for instructional purposes,
  4. use technology for their own professional development,
  5. act as instructional leaders in their instructional settings,
  6. understand the social, ethical, and human issues in the area of learning, design, and technology

Minimum Number of Hours in Program All degree-seeking students in the Learning, Design, and Technology master's degree program are required to complete a minimum of 33 credit hours. Candidates will choose an area of emphasis in Educational Technology or Instructional Design as listed below. Students must meet with an advisor upon entry into the program to develop a program of study.

Learning, Design, and Technology Foundations (12 credits):

Each candidate for the M.Ed. degree must complete the following:

Emphasis Area Courses (21 credits):

Social Foundations of Education (3 credits) Choose one:

Research and Evaluation (3 credits):

Emphasis Areas

Candidates must select one emphasis area from the following options and complete the requirements of an emphasis area of their choosing.

Educational Technology Emphasis Requirements

Emphasis Area Core Courses (9 credits):

Electives (Choose one):

Instructional Design Emphasis Requirements

Emphasis Area Core Courses (9 credits):

Electives (Choose one):

Capstone (3 or 6 credits) Choose one:

EDF 660 is prerequisite.

Application deadlines (thesis/project): February 15 for spring/summer, May 15 for fall, September 15 for winter semester.

Program Location

The program is offered at the DeVos Center on the Pew Grand Rapids Campus, located in downtown Grand Rapids, MI.

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