CMS Guided Walkthroughs

Discover the ins and outs of our user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), crafted by the GVSU Web Team, enabling you to effortlessly build and customize webpages without any coding experience.

Use the guided walkthrough below to explore the diverse features and functions of our CMS, accompanied by best practices for optimal website creation. Tailor your learning experience with ease by utilizing the convenient navigation buttons under CMS 101 and 201, allowing direct access to specific instructions in the accompanying video tutorial.

Before You Begin


In order to gain access to the CMS, every person must complete an annual training on accessibility. This training is mandatory and must be completed prior to working in the CMS. If you need to complete this training, you will be prompted once you are logged in. 


In order to log into the CMS, you must be a student or employee of GVSU. You must have an email address that ends in or  Shared accounts are not allowed. 

CMS 101

Start your website-building journey with CMS 101, a perfect resource for first-time users exploring our CMS. This walkthrough covers essential topics, and you can easily find the information you need by selecting a specific topic below.

video of CMS 101

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CMS 201

Delve into the advanced aspects of our CMS with CMS 201, the second installment in our learning series. CMS 201 is designed to enhance your site's style and functionality, promising not just a visually appealing website but also increased ease of maintenance.

This course explores available Modules and the "More" section of the CMS, building on the foundational knowledge assumed from CMS 101. If you haven't already, we recommend familiarizing yourself with CMS 101 before venturing into CMS 201. 

cms 201

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Page last modified April 11, 2024