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WYOMING, MI – The Grand Valley State University Rifle Club participated in four virtual (postal) matches during the month of September. A virtual match is a competition in which competitors fire on their home ranges and exchange scores online. 

Orion Scoring System Monthly Virtual Matches

Air Rifle: The air rifle competition consisted of 60 shots fired from the standing position at 10 meters. In total, there were 64 individual and 24 team entries, including three individuals and one team from GVSU. Leading the way was Cassie Coulston-Gerigk (Livonia, Michigan) with a score of 580.0 (out of 654), good for 14th place. Close behind was Collin Fox (Dimondale, Michigan) at 16th place with a score of 573.2. John Martin (Howell, Michigan) was 24thwith 536.2. The trio combined to finish sixth in the team match with a total of 1689.4.

Orion Air Rifle Full Results

Air Pistol: The air pistol consisted of 40 shots fired from 10 meters. John Martin was the lone Laker participant. He finished 15th with a score of 270 (out of 400). He bested his previous high score by 13 points.

Orion Air Pistol Full Results

Smallbore: The smallbore competition consisted of 60 shots fired in kneeling, prone, and standing positions at 50 feet. Lakers were four of the 13 individual entries. Collin Fox shot a 500 (out of 600) for fifth place. Cassie Coulston-Gerigk was sixth with 498. John Martin shot 491 for seventh place. Combined, the trio finished second in the team event with a combined score of 1489. Mark VanEvery (White Lake, Michigan) shot a personal best 423 in his first air rifle match.

Orion Smallbore Full Results

Pandemic Postal

Air Rifle: Hosted by the Rio Salado Sportsman's Club (Mesa, Arizona), the match consisted of 60 shots fired from the standing position at 10 meters. In total, there were 96 competitors. The lone Laker entry was Collin Fox. He shot a 551 (out of 600) good for fourth in the open (21 and over) class and 46th overall.

Air Rifle Full Results

The mission of the GVSU Rifle Club is to provide students with the opportunity to participate in shooting sports, with an emphasis in smallbore rifle and precision air rifle. Students with all levels of skill are able to have a safe and enjoyable time at the shooting range while interacting with other students and shooting. All equipment, including rifles and ammunition, is provided. The club meets Tuesdays from 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. and Thursdays 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. this semester at the Grand Rapids Rifle & Pistol Club (1331 Nagel Ave SW, Wyoming, MI 49509). New members are welcome year-round.

Up next, the Lakers will be competing in a non-conference virtual match against SUNY Plattsburgh. 


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The Men's Hockey Club team has had great success in the past. With eight Final Four appearances, finalist finishes in 2012, 2013, and 2018 with a National Championship in 2011, the team's ability to compete at the highest level is a staple of the program. Success is never met without challenge though. Earlier this year, it was announced that the Men's Hockey Club would be making the move up from ACHA Division 2 to ACHA Division 1 while continuing the ACHA Division 3 team as well. This challenge, however, is being met with open arms thanks to the team's commitment to building a great culture.


Coach Trosien believes that "you need great culture to get to the level our guys want to be at," which is why it has been such a big focus for the team. With goals of winning the conference, being regulars in the national tournament, and advancing in the tournament, work ethic has been a top priority. A dedication to working hard from each member of the team has been vital in the building of their culture. The team has built a sense of accountability between each other. The athletes work hard not only for their own success but for the good of each other and the whole team. That selfless commitment leads to everyone buying in, creating a culture that athletes dream of being a part of on such a high level. 


The determination being shown in training is instrumental to building their chemistry, but a second factor contributing to their growth is being shown off the ice. In recent years, the club has placed an emphasis on being engaged with local youth hockey by working in tournaments and coaching. It is a way for them to continue giving back to the game that they love. It is also helping the GV Hockey brand to grow into the community as they build up the program. The players and coaches have taken this opportunity to use their skills and platform to continue to try and build up the local hockey scene so that it will continue to grow for many years to come. 


Grand Valley's Men's Hockey Club is growing into something special. The commitment to culture within the team is showing huge dividends and will continue to do so. As the team continues to find new ways to improve themselves and the hockey community, the club will strive to set the bar higher and higher. With using their illustrious past to help them build a bright future in Division 1 and continuing the success of the Division 3 team, the Men's Hockey Club is the team collegiate hockey players should want to be on.

Written by Trent Barker, GVSU Student

This article has been edited. It was previously stated that they had gone to the national finals in 2019 when it was 2018. Our apologies for any confusion. 

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Grand Valley State University's Club Sports teams have a long history of excellence. With a streak of at least one National Championship every year dating all the way back to 2004, winning has become a staple of the programs, but that is far from all they have to offer. 

Take for example the Rowing team. When asked what the team culture is like, the team's President said "Our team really is like a family, I have met all of my close friends in college through the club. We are a very upbeat and driven group of individuals, who strive to be not only the best athletes but the best teammates." That culture is what drives this multi-time National Championship program. The strong bonds of the team are a huge draw for people of any background. The team prides itself on welcoming anyone with open arms, striving to find a place for anyone who is interested whether they have experience or not. With this strong culture, they have also been able to experience one of the most unique opportunities Club Sports has to offer, with goals of reaching it again.


One of the main goals of the team is to get back to the Henley Royal Regatta. When they achieve this goal, members of the team embark on a trip to England to compete in the regatta, where they face off against some of the best teams in the world. The Henley Royal Regatta is the most well-known regatta in the world, making it an incredible event to be a part of. The team also strives to continue expanding its alumni network to open up more incredible and unique opportunities.


Along with the team's goals of reaching England again, they also get to experience some of the best areas West Michigan has to offer. With practice taking place on the Grand River, rowers get to explore incredible scenery and uncover some of the best-hidden gems the environment has to offer.


With over 40 sports available in total, Club Sports has something to offer for everyone. Whether you are looking to scratch that competitive itch, find a team with a rich background of success, create memories that last a lifetime, or anything in between, Grand Valley's Club Sports is the perfect place to look.

Written by Trent Barker, GVSU Student

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