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Bri Wisti is a senior at Grand Valley studying Clinical Exercise Science.  Bri is from Cleveland, Tennessee, and is aspiring to be a Physician Assistant. After college, Bri will be studying for a Masters of Physician Assistant Studies program at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee.  As a Physician Assistant, she will use a biopsychosocial model of medicine to promote exercise as a means of healing and bridge the gap in healthcare for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  She is also a part of the Strength Club where she is the President and competes in powerlifting. Teammate and Vice President Molly Burch said that "Bri Wisti has had a tremendous influence on the Strength Club team here at GV. She is someone who leads by example in all aspects of her life. Bri is one of the most selfless people I have ever met. She puts everyone else's needs before her own and is always trying to help others succeed. Her heart and compassion for people is so evident in everything she does. Bri has had such a huge impact on this team and will be so deeply missed next year." 


How did you become a part of the Strength Club at GVSU?

"I first learned about the Strength Club at Campus Life Night my freshman year, but I didn't actually end up joining until my Sophomore year when one of my friends and I decided to join together.  After about a year and a half in the club, I decided to run for a leadership position and I was elected President about a year ago."


What do you enjoy most about the GVSU Strength Club?

"The thing that I enjoy most about the Strength Club is the relationships that I have built with the other members of my team.  We are a group of individuals who share very similar goals both lifting and in life, and it's nice to have people around that can help you whether it be programming or technique or nutrition and just life in general."


What is your favorite part about competing?

"I have a couple of favorite parts about competing.  The first is just being about to represent Grand Valley and my school which has obviously been very difficult with COVID since we're not allowed to have in-person competitions. But another thing that I love about competing is just the community.  I'm a powerlifter and the powerlifting community is incredible.  Everyone, although it's an individual sport everyone just wants everybody else to succeed.  We know the work that everyone has put in to get to that level and so everybody's cheering everybody on and kind of helping each other out and so really that sense of community and the powerlifting community is awesome."


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