Sample Job Description

Organization Name: The Best Organization
Job Title: Digital Marketing Internship 
Reports to: Marketing Manager.

Opportunities and Experiences for the Student: The Digital Marketing Intern will work directly with our team of experienced digital marketing experts and have ownership of their own projects.  The internship program is designed to strengthen the student's interpersonal and communication skills, gain professional development opportunities and experience in the field of digital marketing.  This internship has the option of being in-person or remote. 

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement a web strategy
  • Drive business value for clients
  • Create and implement performance metrics from the data report
  • Collaborate with Senior Consultants to continually improve client online interactions
  • Research statistics and search engine strategies to identify market trends

Required Skills and Attributes: 

  • Desire to learn and understand marketing and sales strategies 
  • Strong communication skills, time management, and ability to multi-task
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Ability to work 10-15 hours/week for a semester

Compensation: $16.00/hour

How to Apply: Upload resume, cover letter, and class schedule to Handshake

Sample Student Learning Objectives

Learning Objective #1: Gain an understanding of how to implement new technology within a department
Task/Work Assignment #1: I will be working with my supervisor on a communication tool that helps recruit potential students to GVSU. This new tool will need to be monitored and assessed throughout implementation.

Learning Objective #2: Enhance my written communication- specifically in regards to effective social media posts, public service announcements, and website content
Task/Work Assignment #2: One of my main tasks will be customizing the communication that comes out of the new tool and department. I will need to ensure similar messages are coming through all platforms of communication

Sample Orientation Agenda

  1. Review organization’s and department’s missions.
  2. Give the intern a feel for the organizational structure; provide an organizational chart or staff list with phone numbers.
  3. Have the intern complete the same orientation as new full-time staff members, if applicable.
  4. Explain the need-to-know items:
    • Parking
    • Work station
    • Specific work dates and times
    • Office hours, breaks, and lunches
    • Access to technology
    • Use of office equipment, such as copy machine and phone
    • Dress code
    • Attendance and punctuality
  5. Review organizational and employee policies, including your technology policy with regard to personal use of social media, iPod, and cell phones.
  6. Identify and discuss main projects, job descriptions, action plans, and expectations.  
  7. Set regular evaluation meetings (one in 30 days and one at the end of the internship).
  8. Inform the intern of departmental or staff meetings that he/she is expected to attend, and provide time during those meetings for the intern to report progress on his/her project.
  9. Identify a backup supervisor or support person who can answer the intern’s questions if his/her regular supervisor is unavailable.
  10. Ensure that your intern understands his/her responsibilities.
  11. Provide a tour of the facility and an introduction to staff members.

Sample Learning Contract

This document was designed to assist in providing a high-quality internship experience for both the intern and the employer. This form should be completed together by the intern and the immediate supervisor or mentor. Both parties should provide input into the completion of the form and agree to the terms outlined. Students receiving academic credit for the internship will often have their own academic contract to complete.
Sample Internship Contract (PDF)

Please note: This is not a legal contract.

Sample Evaluation

The following evaluation is one example of an evaluation tool to use with student interns.  It has clear areas of evaluation, along with space for written feedback or additional comments.  Your organization may already have an evaluation tool that is used during employee reviews which can be used or modified for student interns.  

Sample Employer Evaluation (PDF)

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