AP Committee Nominations

What Are AP Committees?

The Administrative Professionals (AP) Committees are a representative bodies of AP staff that reviews and makes recommendations about Grand Valley State University personnel policies and other university decisions that affect AP staff.  The Committee comprises of an Executive Committee and 4 Subcommittees. The Executive Committee has 12 representatives, 2 individuals from each of the 6 AP groups. There are four subcommittees: Awards, Professional Development, Social Justice, and Salary & Benefits. Each subcommittee has 1 representative from each of the 6 groups. Committee members serve a 3-year term. 

You may be interested in joining an Administrative Professional Committee but aren't sure what options are available. You can use the links to learn information about each of the committees. If you or someone you know is interested in serving on an open committee, please nominate them!


Representatives on AP Committees represent groups of staff, if you are interested in serving, please use the nomination for your group listed below. If you aren't sure which group you belong to you can use the links to see the buildings included in each group, along with a list of APs in that group.

We are not currently accepting nominations, to express interest in joining an AP Committee should a mid-term vacancy arise, please use the interest form.

Still Interested?

While the AP Committee holds an annual nomination process for all open seats on AP Committees, there are occasionally openings on committees that occur throughout the year. These openings are filled by appointment. If you are interested in serving on any of the AP Committees and would like to be contacted if an opening occurs, please let us know!

Page last modified May 20, 2022