AP Awards

Grand Valley State University AP Awards are presented to Administrative Professional employees at the annual AP Luncheon each Spring. The Luncheon is hosted by The Office of the President, Human Resources, and the AP Committee. The AP Awards recognize both team and individual accomplishments as selected by a group of peers. AP employees can be nominated by GVSU students, faculty, or staff, and nominations are then reviewed by the AP Awards Selection Committee.

The submission for 2024 AP awards nominations is Friday, February 16 at 5:00 P.M. 


Achievement Award (2 Letters of Support Required)
The highest honor bestowed upon Administrative Professional staff at Grand Valley State University. The award recognizes the singularly outstanding contributions by a staff member to the University, professional field, and surrounding community. The recipient embodies the University's mission, vision, and values and bring distinction to GVSU through their work. 
Commitment to Diversity Award
Established to recognize an individual AP staff member who serves as an example to others through a commitment to diversity beyond the scope of their professional responsibilities. The nominee is a person who demonstrates through action the ideals of cultural diversity and interculturalism, and who helps others gain greater understanding of diversity and interculturalism.
Commitment to Students Award
Established to recognize an individual AP staff member who shows a commitment to serve as a strong mentor to GVSU students beyond the person's normal professional responsibilities and regardless of their professional role. Nominations should outline the person's trustworthiness and skills with students in the areas of advising, advocacy, referrals, listening, accessibility, and motivation. Nominations for this award must be either made or supported by at least one student.
Innovation Award
Established to recognize an individual AP staff member whose innovative ideas and practices benefit the University in a specific way. This could include methods to improve cost-efficiency, changes in procedures, creating new programs or services, or leading new initiatives.
Outstanding Team Project Award
Established to recognize the work of an ad-hoc team of AP staff members from two or more departments that accomplish a project benefiting the University. While the nominated project may be ongoing or not yet complete, nominations should emphasize work of staff members across unit lines during the past year.
Service to Community Award
Established to recognize an individual AP staff member who has gone above and beyond professional responsibilities in contributing their expertise and service to at least one of the following: (1) the GVSU community, (2) the professional organization of their discipline, or (3) the local/national/international community.

Who is eligible?

The Achievement Award is open to any Administrative Professional staff member, with the exception of members of the AP Awards Selection Committee, AP Committee and previous Achievement Award recipients.

All other awards are open to any AP staff member, with the exception of the AP Awards Selection CommitteeAP Committee, and President’s Cabinet.

How are staff members nominated?

Any GVSU student, faculty, or staff member may nominate an eligible AP staff member for any or all of the awards. Letters of support are required with the Achievement Award and are encouraged to supplement all other nominations. The nomination and support letter process is entirely online through this website.

If you would like assistance in completing the nomination form or preparing a letter of support, please contact a member of the AP Committee.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome!

The AP Committee works with Human Resources and University leadership to foster a positive working environment for staff at Grand Valley State University, based on the input of all staff members. Your comments and suggestions about the awards process or any work/life issue at GVSU is welcome and appreciated. Please contact your AP Committee representative or e-mail the chair of the AP Committee.

Page last modified February 1, 2024