What's Changing with Verbiage?

Learn to Speak Workday

The transition to Workday will include adopting some new language. Please see below for the terms we use today and what they’re called in Workday.




Account (A in FOAP)

Spend category/Revenue Category/Expense Item/Ledger Account

FDM Info Page

Cash advances

Spend Authorizations

Expenses Info Page

Budget Entry

Budget Amendment


Check request

Supplier Invoice Request

Supplier Info Request Change Guide


Non-Compensation Expense


Delivery date

Due date

Requisitions Info Page

Job posting

Job requisition

Job Requisitions Change Guide

Labor Distribution

Costing Allocations or Organization Assignment



Cost center manager


OnBase - Charge Another Department

Internal Service Delivery

WD Job Aid-P2P-How to Create an Internal Service Delivery

OnBase Invoice Approval


Receipts Change Guide

OnBase - Move an Expense

Adjust Accounting

WD Job Aid - Financial Accounting - How to Adjust Accounting on a Supplier Invoice

OnBase - Transfer Funding (Both sides are General Fund: FD100)

Budget Amendment


OnBase - Transfer Funding (All other transfers)

Department Journal Entry

WD Job Aid - Financial Accounting - How to Create a Department Journal Entry Request

Organization (O in FOAP)

Cost center OR Cost Center with Designation

FDM Info Page

P card

Expense card


Punch in/Punch out


Time Entry Change Guide

Resignation, Retirement, etc.



RFP (Request for Proposal)

RFQ (Request for Quote)


Salary Increase Program

Advanced Compensation




Workday for Managers

Supervisors involved in merit planning

Planners (Workday security role)

Workday Security Info Page

Working Budget

Current Year Budget


Page last modified March 27, 2024