Workday Job Aids & Demo Videos

This page includes job aids and demo videos to help you get started in Workday. Review job aids and demo videos related to Human Resources (HR), Finance, and Student Employment through the links below.

Job aids provide step-by-step instructions with screenshots of particular tasks in Workday. Once opened in the web browser, please open in the desktop app to optimize viewing. Demo videos are a video version of a job aid.

Getting Started

Accessing and Navigating Workday



Accessing Workday

Accessing Workday Job Aid

Customizing Your Applications

Customizing Your Applications Demo Video

Customizing Your Notifications

Customizing Your Notifications Job Aid
Customizing Your Notifications Demo Video

Customizing Your Shortcuts

Customizing Your Shortcuts Demo Video

Homepage Tour

Homepage Tour Demo Video

How to View Organizational Charts

How to View Organizational Charts Job Aid

How to View Reports

How to View Reports Job Aid

Menu Bar: Apps & Shortcuts

Menu Bar: Apps & Shortcuts Job Aid

Mobile App Download

Mobile App Download Job Aid

Using Search in Workday

Using Search in Workday Job Aid

Workday Employee: Self Service

Workday Employee: Self Service Demo Video

Workday Manager: Self Service

Workday Manager: Self Service Demo Video 

Inbox Filtering

Inbox Filtering Demo Video

Worker Profile



Change Emergency Contacts

Change Emergency Contacts Job Aid

Disability Self-Identification

Disability Self-Identification Job Aid

Home Contact Change

Home Contact Change Job Aid

Legal Name Change

Legal Name Change Job Aid

Name Pronunciation

Name Pronunciation Job Aid

Passports and Visa Change

Passports and Visa Change Job Aid

Personal Information Change

Personal Information Job Aid

Photo Change

Photo Change Job Aid

Prefix/Preferred Name Change

Prefix/Preferred Name Change Job Aid

Update Citizenship Status

Update Citizenship Status Job Aid

Veteran Status Identification

Veteran Status Identification Job Aid

Work Contact Change

Review Job Aid (Coming Soon)




How to View Your Paycheck

How to View Your Paycheck Job Aid

Complete Tax Withholding Elections

Complete Tax Withholding Elections Job Aid

Payment Election Enrollment Event

Payment Election Enrollment Event Job Aid

Delegating Tasks



How to Delegate Tasks

How to Delegate Tasks Job Aid
How to Delegate Tasks Demo Video

Review job aids and demo videos related to Human Resources (HR), Finance and Student Employment:

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