What's Changing with Hourly Time Entry?

Time Tracking in the Mobile App For Staff Only

Hourly staff members can track time using the Workday mobile app to check in/out of a shift. The mobile app only works at the SER and CUB buildings in Allendale and all downtown campus buildings. Student employees cannot check in/out or track their hours using the Workday mobile app.

Resources: Please see the Time Tracking page for more information including step-by-step instructions in job aids.

Assistance: If assistance is needed, please see the HR contact info on the Workday Support page.

Time Clock Locations

UltraTime time clock machines have been replaced with tablets or PC kiosks using the Workday application. 

Time Tracking Kiosk Locations (iPad or PC): 

  • DeVos (Room 126C)  
  • Seidman (Room 1079A)  
  • Center for Health Sciences (Room 157) 
  • Meadows Maintenance (Room 105)  
  • Meadows Clubhouse (Room 225)  
  • Blue Connection (Room 116)  
  • Kirkhof Center (Room 1178)  
  • Kirkhof Center (Room 1134)  
  • Commons (Room 223)  
  • Laker Marketplace – Aramark Starbucks (KHS-C-1)  
  • Kleiner Commons (Room 110)  
  • The Service Building (Room 1119)  
  • Central Utilities Building (Room 113)  
  • Eberhard (loading dock EC-C-EEE)  
  • The Fieldhouse/Rec Center (Room B177)  
  • 609 Watson (Room 101)  
  • Innovation and Design Center (SW Starbucks Storage)  
  • Holton-Hooker Learning and Living Center – Einsteins 
  • Kelly Family Sports Center  

Locations Decommissioned: The following locations will no longer have time-tracking devices.

  • Bicycle Factory (Room 352)
  • Commons 1st Floor 
  • River Landing - Kirkhof Center (Room D-0101)
  • Laker Marketplace (Room 131) 
  • Seward Parking Ramp - Pew Campus (Room 109)
  • Rec Center (C-D130 Corridor) 
  • Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall 500 Lafayette (C-005) 

Current and Future State

Current State: Employees in hourly positions complete time entry (clock-in) via their computers or a physical time clock machine. 

Future State: Employees in hourly positions will clock in using Workday by either:

  1. Enter time (manual entry of time blocks of time worked)
  2. Check-in (clock-in) on a computer or tablet kiosk station

Who is Impacted

  • Hourly employees
  • Managers of hourly employees 
  • PSS who support hourly employees 


  • No integration is needed with a third-party time clock system
  • Entering time is simpler and more streamlined 

Potential Challenges

  • Employees transitioning to new tablet/PC kiosks.
  • Time clocks down, only using UltraTime from Dec 18 to Jan 2.

Page last modified January 14, 2024