What's Changing with Non-Invoice Payments?

Current State

Honorariums, Stipends, and ‘Check with order’ are currently processed as a Requisition. All other non-invoice payments (refunds, guest speakers, sponsorships, licenses, payments to government agencies, event rentals, athletic guarantees, etc.) are processed as a Check Request.

Future State

All non-invoice payments will be made through Supplier Invoice Requests. A Supplier Request will need to be submitted for new Suppliers, and then a payment request can be made.

Who is Impacted?

  • Faculty/staff who need to make non-invoice payments. 


  • There is no need to create a Requisition for non-invoice payments.

Other Important Information

  • No longer use Banner Requisitions for honorariums, stipends or ‘Check with orders’ 

  • No longer use Onbase for Check Requests 

  • Learn more about Supplier Invoice Requests


  • Erica Herwig, Assistant Controller AP and Finance Systems 

Page last modified July 12, 2023