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Many Workday questions are answered by job aids and the other self-service options as outlined below.

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If self-service options do not address your concern, you can submit a question to Finance, HR, or IT. 

Status of Known Issues

Review known issues to see if what you're experiencing has already been reported by others.

How to Login to Workday

  • Navigate to Workday beginning January 3 via, click on the "Workday" app, and login with your GVSU network credentials.
  • For further support, please view the Accessing Workday job aid.

Self-Service Options

Training Overview

If you haven't yet started Workday training, click the Training Overview button to learn about how to begin and what to complete next. 

Finance Resources 

Budgets & Financial Accounts, FDM, Expenses, Procure-to-Pay

HR Resources 

Time Tracking, Payroll, Benefits, Recruitment & Hiring, Career & Performance, Compensation, Job Changes


Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Workday.

Job Aids and Demo Videos

Review various job aids and demo videos to become familiar with Workday and the business processes specific to your work. 

Super Users

GVSU Workday Super Users are available across the university for support and guidance. 

Submit a Support Request

Support Requests are used for topics that are not addressed with self-service training materials or issues that need to be escalated to the Workday Project team to assess if configuration changes are required. 

Finance Questions

  • Topic: Budgets, Expenses, Financial Accounts, Procurement, etc.
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Flowchart: Finance support flowchart.
  • Combined P2P and Expenses Office Hours: Offered January 9-24 for support related to expenses, suppliers, requisitions, purchase orders, invoicing and more. Register on Sprout.

HR Questions

  • Topics: Payroll/W2s, Time Entry, Employee Profile, Recruiting, etc.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Call: (616) 331-2215

General Workday and IT Questions

  • Topics: Accessing Workday, etc.
  • IT Ticket: Submit a Ticket
    • To facilitate resolution of your issue, please include a screenshot (if applicable) when submitting a ticket.
  • Call: (616) 331-2101 

Student Employment Questions

  • Topics: Apply for jobs, hire students, job changes, and employment paperwork
  • Email[email protected]

Status of Known Issues

Below you will find a summary of known issues that are affecting a large volume of Workday users. This page will be updated as the new status information becomes available. Please do not submit additional support requests for known issues. 

Open Issues

Date Last Updated

Workday Issue



Financial data (budgets and actuals) availability

Financial data, including budgets and actuals, has been loaded into Workday. There are still corrections to be made. Finance Reports & Requests training will be offered in two parts. Register for Part 1 which will provide an overview of key financial reports and making non-payroll corrections. You can also register for Part 2 which will provide more information related to financial reports and requests for new worktags. Office hours are available. Job aids and report guides are available. The first training session will be recorded for reference and act as a training aid as well. Results through 12/31/23 can be accessed through E-Prints.


Transactions and driver worktags

When making transactions related to a grant, designation, or gift, users should be including the appropriate driver worktag. Many users haven't been including these worktags which means that transactions may not be posted correctly when financial reports are released in February. The Finance team has made configuration adjustments to make these worktags required going forward.

If you make transactions related to a grant, designation, or gift, is important that you have completed the FDM training (video recording) and other related training (Expenses, P2P). It is also encouraged to take refresher training and attend office hours as needed. The Finance team will also be providing additional training regarding making invoice accounting adjustments to correct invoices that have posted incorrectly. Certain driver worktags are being corrected by the Finance team. These corrections will be routed to both the Cost Center Manager and Cost Center Assistant for approval via a task in their Workday My Tasks (Inbox). The CCM/CCA approval is required in order for the correction to be complete.

List of driver worktags:
FD200 - grant worktag
FD120, FD130, FD300, FD800 - designation worktag
FD250, FD260, FD600, FD620 - gift worktag


PO/invoice/receipt three way auto match issues

The Workday PO/invoice/receipt three way auto match does not work as anticipated, and receipts are not automatically matching correctly to invoices during the payment process. A solution has been identified and was demonstrated and discussed with Super Users on 2/22/24. Training on this new procedure will begin on 2/28/24; please register via Sprout. A job aid will be pushed out prior to the first training session. There are many invoices still in process and the Finance team is working on establishing a procedure to complete these receipt actions - updates will be provided here as new information becomes available.

For questions or assistance, please email [email protected] or join the P2P office hours.

Resolved Issues

Date Resolved

Workday Issue


2/27/24 at 11:00 a.m.

Supervisory organization discrepancies

HR has addressed all known inaccurate supervisory organization assignments, and the incoming volume of reported issues is very minimal. If supervisory organization issues are encountered, please contact your HR Business Partner.

2/26/24 at 2:00 p.m.

Expense report reimbursements

If you previously elected to have your expense reimbursements deposited to a Checking account in Banner, your payment election for Expense Reimbursement in Workday was translated to a Savings account in error. This existing error in Workday caused bank reconciliation errors which incurs a fee to the University (first fee is $7/reimbursement and $35 reimbursement thereafter) for each expense reimbursement issued. Grand Valley staff cannot make the expense reimbursement election change in the Workday platform - only employees can perform this change. However, Grand Valley did recently elect to have reimbursements issued via check payment (vice electronic deposit). Effective 2/15/24, Grand Valley began issuing checks for expense reimbursement(s) for employees who have not corrected the payment election error. Expense reimbursement will continue to be made by check until the employee makes the change in Workday. Making this change will avoid delays in employees receiving expense reimbursements by check.

All impacted employees were previously contacted regarding corrective actions needed to be taken. The remaining employees (785 as of 2/15/24) that have not yet made this change will be contacted directly via email again. Please use this Update Expense Reimbursement Payment Election job aid and edit your Expense Reimbursement line to your Checking account if necessary. Following that action, remove the Savings account type line (from the Accounts section) if you are not using that particular Savings account for Payroll. Corrective actions on banking information cannot be made by the Payroll Office or the Business & Finance Department in Workday and must be made by the employee for security reasons. Expense reimbursement has no impact on regular payroll funds distribution. Please contact Finance with any questions at [email protected].

2/26/24 at 2:00 p.m.

Invoice and payment access issues

The Finance team has resolved issues that GVSU staff have had accessing supplier invoices and payments in Workday. This includes issues accessing Amazon and Grainger invoices from the "Create Receipt To-Do" tasks in their inbox as well as being able to click into the details of a payment that was issued to a supplier. If you have questions regarding invoice or payment details, please contact [email protected].

2/5/24 at 10:30 a.m.

Security access to "Create Request" task

Security to access the "Create Request" task in Workday was inadvertently removed over the weekend. The Finance and HR teams have determined the cause of the issue and the appropriate security access is restored. If you are still unable to access any of the following forms, please email [email protected]

- Department Journal Entry
- Request a New WHO Worktag
- Request a New WHAT Worktag
- Request New Workday Finance Security Role
- Supplier Change Request

1/29/24 at 9:00 a.m.

Pick up contributions not deducted (only for existing GVSU pension plans)

Employees who have an existing GVSU pension plan did not have their pick up contributions deducted from their most recent paycheck. For all impacted employees, there was a double deduction for this benefit on the next paycheck. Impacted retirement plans include:

Grand Valley State University Maintenance, Grounds and Service Employees’ Retirement Plan
Grand Valley State University Professional Support Staff Employees’ Retirement Plan POAM
Grand Valley State University Professional Support Staff Employees’ Retirement Plan PSS

1/29/24 at 9:00 a.m.

Payroll discrepancies

A handful of individuals were impacted by outlier issues related to holiday pay, short-term disability, and union dues. Checks have been processed for individuals missing holiday pay and missing pay related to a short-term disability leave of absence, and payments should be received as of 1/18/24. Union dues were deducted twice during one payroll period, related to the "MGS payroll discrepancies" issue; this deduction was reversed during the next pay period.

1/29/24 at 9:00 a.m.

Retirement contribution discrepancies

Two issues in Workday had been identified regarding retirement contributions during the latest payroll period: (1) employees not receiving their GVSU employer 403(b) retirement contribution and (2) an erroneous employee retirement contribution. All employees who did not receive their employer 403(b) retirement contribution from the latest payroll received that amount during the next payroll period. Any money that was taken out of the most recent paycheck erroneously for an employee's retirement contribution was returned and taxed in the next paycheck.

All impacted employees have been contacted regarding discrepancies and resolutions.

1/23/24 at 9:00 a.m.

General data discrepancies

Certain Workday data was incomplete in the first few weeks of January as fresh data continued to be migrated from Banner. Data loads have been completed and this issue is resolved.

1/22/24 at 4:00 p.m.

Student manager/supervisor assignments

For all known supervisory organization issues related to student employees, student assignment review has been completed. If you find any issues with student assignments moving forward, please contact Student Employment at [email protected].

1/22/24 at 2:00

Duplicate To-Do tasks to create a receipt

Individuals were receiving duplicate To-Do tasks in their Workday inbox to create a receipt for the same supplier invoice. The Finance team has resolved this issue.

1/17/24 at 11:00 a.m.

Expense report approvals

Expense reports created between 1/3/24-1/15/24 were routed for additional approval that was not necessary (to the Cost Center Assistant's supervisor and the Cost Center Manager's supervisor).  The issue has been resolved in Workday as of 1/16/24.  For existing expense reports that have already been forwarded for this additional approval,  they will need to be approved by the assigned direct supervisor.

Please note: In Workday, if you complete an expense report on your own behalf and you are not a Cost Center Manager (CCM), the expense report will route to the CCM for approval (and not your supervisor). If you are a CCM and complete an expense report on your own behalf, it will route to your supervisor for approval.  If a supervisor is not assigned to you in Workday, the expense report approval will default to being sent to Mychal Coleman, Chief HR Officer.  Please contact HR to have your supervisor assigned and for that expense report to be approved by Mychal Coleman.

1/16/24 at 12:15 p.m.

Maintenance, Grounds and Service Staff (MGS) payroll discrepancies

The paycheck amount (for 12/24/23-1/6/24 pay period) for certain Maintenance, Grounds and Service Staff (MGS) was inaccurate.

1/8/24 at 2:30 p.m.

Workday was unavailable

The IT team received notification from Workday that the unavailability issue was resolved.

1/5/24 at 1:20 p.m.

Recalculation of hours

The HR team completed recalculating hours related to overtime and meal deductions.

1/5/24 at 9:00 a.m.

Cost Center Assistant assignment

The Finance team has completed review and correction of these assignments.

1/4/24 at 1:00 p.m.

Delayed import of tax withholding elections

The last tax withholding elections for 2023 was imported from Banner to Workday.

1/3/24 at 12:00 p.m.

On the Workday mobile app, the "Time" application is not appearing for certain hourly employees to enter time

The mobile time app is now appearing.

1/3/24 at 10:30 a.m.

Login issues

Issue with incorrect usernames in Workday is resolved.

Page last modified February 28, 2024