Workday Change Management

The Workday Change Management team exists to help the GVSU community make the transition from Banner Finance & related systems to Workday Platform.


Workday training resources are available by topic and format:


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The Workday Change Agent Network (CAN) is made up of individuals from various units/departments who are communicators, advocates, and liaisons during the Workday implementation. View a list of Workday Change Agents.






Strategy & Direction; Stakeholder Engagement; Marketing & Communications; End User Training; Business Readiness & Adoption

What is Change Management?

  • A creative process that integrates people and processes with the new system
  • Change management enables people to:
    • Engage
    • Adopt
    • Use the change

How will Change Management help?

The Workday project team will:

  • Connect with the GVSU community to further understand the impact
  • Provide transparent and timely communications to keep you informed
  • Inform you of the benefits and challenges of the change
  • Prepare you with training to ensure you have the needed knowledge and skills
  • Reinforce new processes to assist with adoption and effectiveness

A - Awareness; D - Desire; K - Knowledge; A - Ability; R - Reinforcement

What are the stages of change?

Awareness - Do you understand the change? What is the risk of not changing?

Desire - What's in it for me? (WIIFM)

Knowledge - Do you know how to change and have the required skills to support the change?

Ability - Are you capable of performing these new skills?

Reinforcement - Are you receiving the necessary support and reinforcement to sustain the change?

(from Prosci, the global leader in change management)

Page last modified April 22, 2024