Requisitions (Purchases)

Creating a requisition in Workday is required for all purchases that will be paid with an invoice. There are three types of requisitions.

Please visit the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) page for additional training and resources. 

Workday Tips

Goods vs Services Lines

When creating a Non-Catalog requisition, you have the option to choose a Goods Line or a Services Line. This choice does have some impact during the receiving and invoicing process, so here are some key things to keep in mind:

Goods Lines:

  • Used when you are ordering a tangible item that comes in a package.
  • Requires you to input a quantity that is being ordered.
  • Receipts are created based on quantity.
  • If you enter a quantity of "1", only one invoice can be paid from the purchase order line, regardless of dollar amount. In order for more invoices to be paid from the PO, you must increase the quantity or add more line items.

Services Lines:

  • Used when you are contracting services
  • Requires you to input a contract start and end date.
  • Receipts are created based on dollar amount.
  • Multiple invoices can be paid from one services line on the purchase order.

If you are unsure which option to pick, you can default to a Services Line. This will give you more flexibility in the receiving and invoicing processes.

Sole/Single Source

If you are creating a requisition that is for $10,000 or more and you do not have competitive written quotes from multiple suppliers or you are requesting to waive the sealed-bid process, you can now fill out a Sole/Single Source Justification form right in Workday! Submission of the form does not guarantee that your request will be approved, it must be approved by Procurement Services. We have a job aid created for this process and it can be found on the Workday @ GVSU website. Please let us know if there are any questions.


Attachments are required for non-catalog requisition lines. These attachments should be quotes, contracts, order confirmations, etc. If all you have to support the purchase is an invoice, you can attach the invoice to your requisition, however that does not submit the invoice for payment processing. The only way to get an invoice processed for payment is to email it to [email protected] with the PO# on the invoice. Attaching the invoice anywhere else in Workday does not submit it to the Accounts Payable team for payment.


Search Catalog

Search the internal catalog of preferred items and suppliers to add into the shopping cart. These items are typically a result of a request for quote and/or contracted pricing.

Request Non-Catalog Items

Add a good or service that is not in the catalog. This is for anything not found in 'Search Catalog' or 'Connect to Supplier Website.'

Connect to Supplier Website

Utilize this link to punchout to a supplier's external website. Amazon, Office Depot, Grainger, McKesson


  • Workday offers the ability to copy past requisitions and use templates for frequent purchases
  • Departments using a purchasing card may bypass the requisition process

Page last modified February 2, 2024