Art History - Careers & Alumni

Graduates of the Art History program possess knowledge, experience, and unique skills that are highly desirable and transferable, enabling them to seek employment in career fields both within and outside of the fine arts. Art History degrees can lead to future work opportunities in a gallery, non-profit cultural organization, or museum.

Career Opportunities

Art Historians can work in art conservation, art therapy, museums or galleries, archive and library services, arts administration, pursue graduate work and/or university teaching. Here are some possible career opportunities for Art History majors:

  • Art critic/ journalist
  • Art researcher
  • Museum curator
  • Curatorial assistant
  • Arts editor/ writer
  • Gallery manager
  • Museum administrator

Art History Alumni

Our program is quite young, but alumni have attended MA and PhD programs devoted to museum studies, historical administration and public history, as well as art history. Students have pursued advanced degrees at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, Eastern Illinois University, George Mason University in Virginia, Northeastern University in Boston, the University of Denver, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and The Courtauld Institute of Art in London.

After completing their advanced degrees, alumni have gone on to work in collections management, art co-ops, archival collections, as well as pursued curatorial work in galleries and museums. Many of our graduates have chosen not to pursue graduate study putting the transferrable skills stressed in the program to good use as they pursued careers in technology, publishing, arts practice, and teaching English overseas.



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