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UAC Member Resources

Tools for Assessment Reviews at GVSU

The following are how-to guides for UAC reviewers:

  • Completing assessment reviews in GVAssess (PDF)
  • Completing strategic plan reviews in GVPlan (PDF)
    • Note: pg. 2 discusses what UAC reviewers look for in strategic plan reviews

Offline versions of our review templates are available for note-taking purposes:

  • UAC assessment review rubric - offline version (Word | PDF)
  • UAC strategic plan review rubric - offline version (Word | PDF)

Literature on Assessment Reviews

  • Meta-Assessment: Evaluating Assessment Activities. Ory, 1992. Meta-assessment is the process for evaluating the quality of assessment practices. The article examines a set of "Utility Standards" intended to ensure that assessment activities serve the practical needs of stakeholders. 
  • Evolving from Quantity to Quality: A New Yardstick for Assessment. Fulcher & Orem, 2010. Discusses a rubric designed to evaluate the quality of assessment and how it might lead to program improvement. Includes links to the full rubric, an example of an exemplary assessment report, and a guide for conducting and reporting quality assessment.
  • Assessment Progress Template (APT). Fulcher, Sundre, & Russell (2015 update). A rubric template used at James Madison University to evaluate and provide feedback on assessment practices in academic programs.