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Offline reviewer rubrics

Offline versions of our review templates are available for note-taking purposes:

  • UAC assessment review rubric - offline version (Word | PDF)
  • UAC strategic plan review rubric - offline version (Word | PDF)

Quick Links

Reviewer guides for GVAssess

screenclip for Finding the Data guide

Two step-by-step guides for reviewing in GVAssess: 

  1. Viewing the data (PDF)
  2. Submitting feedback (PDF)

snapshot of Reviewer Rubric guide

The GVAssess reviewer rubric guide explains where to look in GVAssess to find relevant information for each section of the UAC reviewer rubric (last updated W18).


snapshot Brief Review Guide

Two brief how-to guides are also available:

  • AR reviews in GVAssess (PDF)
  • SP reviews in GVPlan (PDF)
    • Note: pg. 2 discusses what to look for in strategic plan reviews

Literature on Assessment Reviews

  • Meta-Assessment: Evaluating Assessment Activities. Ory, 1992. Meta-assessment is the process for evaluating the quality of assessment practices. The article examines a set of "Utility Standards" intended to ensure that assessment activities serve the practical needs of stakeholders. 
  • Evolving from Quantity to Quality: A New Yardstick for Assessment. Fulcher & Orem, 2010. Discusses a rubric designed to evaluate the quality of assessment and how it might lead to program improvement. Includes links to the full rubric, an example of an exemplary assessment report, and a guide for conducting and reporting quality assessment.
  • Assessment Progress Template (APT). Fulcher, Sundre, & Russell (2015 update). A rubric template used at James Madison University to evaluate and provide feedback on assessment practices in academic programs.

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