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Assessment at GVSU

Assessment philosophy and transition:

  • 0:52 shift from goals to outcomes 
  • 3:44 from WEAVE to GVAssess
  • 6:52 converting assessment plans
  • 13:44 the new assessment process

Overview of GVAssess:

  • 3:25 group-admin / adding users
  • 4:00 viewing other units' materials
  • 4:44 reviewing your sub-entities
  • 5:44 viewing historical documents

Entering your plan into GVAssess:

  • 1:13 entering outcomes
  • 4:19 curriculum mapping
  • 12:48 entering objectives
  • 16:10 adding measures
  • 30:10 data reporting

Assessment Resources


Templates - for offline planning

Assessment plan template

Assessment Planning Template Screenshot

(Outcomes | Objectives | Measures) x Sub-Entity

Note: This template is an optional first step, not a replacement, for entering plan information into GVAssess.

Assessment map example

SCB Assessment Map (screenshot)

(Outcomes | Objectives) x (Course | Semester)

GVAssess Tip

Manage your labels. When entering Outcomes into GVAssess, they are not separated by sub-entity. All outcomes will be listed together for the entire department. This is intentional to allow ‘sharing’ of common Outcomes among the degree programs.

You can distinguish outcomes that are unique to a sub-entity by adding a code prefix to the Student Outcome Letter. For example, Biology has 10 sub-entities. They prefix “NRM” to all Natural Resource Management outcomes (NRM-A, NRM-B, etc.). Education outcomes are prefixed with "ED".  

Because Outcomes are sorted alphabetically by Student Outcome Letter in GVAssess, using a common prefix also serves to keep related outcomes clustered together throughout the site.

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