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Policy Summary


Use of Course Grades


Since course grades and GPA tend to be aggregates of assignments measuring multiple student learning outcomes, the UAC does not find the use of course grades acceptable for the purpose of evaluating student learning outcomes (SLOs).


Externally Accredited Programs


To promote a meaningful review process, and in recognition of GVSU’s Assessment Philosophy and Guiding Principles, UAC expects externally accredited programs to follow the normal reporting process for student outcomes assessment, including entry of assessment information into the GVAssess database.


UAC Recommendations


UAC recommendations for assessment include:

  • Take a holistic approach: Each course is guided by a common syllabus of record (SOR) with core course objectives and assessment methods that are consistent across sections. Learning objectives and assessment methods should align with program outcomes. 
  • Use assessment results: Closing the loop means using assessment results to inform decisions and improve student outcomes.
  • Strive for focused, ongoing assessment: The goal is for a unit's assessment efforts to be focused, internally driven, and sustainable. Programs are encouraged to continually evolve in their plans.
  • Involve faculty and students: Programs are encouraged to involve faculty in planning, assessment and reporting process and be transparent about assessment practices and results with students.


Letter from Provost's Office


This statement summarizes the role of the SPAA Office of the Provost at GVSU (updated Aug 2017). 


GVSU Assessment Principles


GVSU's Assessment Guiding Principles were drafted and approved by the UAC in 2015. The document is the result of collaborative effort and is based on a thorough review of higher education assessment practices around the country. This updates the initial Guiding Principles document written in 2005.  


GVSU Assessment Philosophy


The historical and philosophical assumptions underlying the assessment at GVSU were updated and approved by UAC in 2015. The document is a revision and update of initial 2005 document.