Waste Minimization

GVSU Waste Minimization Initiatives

  • Composting - Campus dining composts food waste and compostable food and beverage containers in several of its locations. Efforts so far have reduced the amount of trash sent to a landfill by about 10,000 pounds each week!


  • Recycling - Grand Valley recycles paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, metal, batteries, and computers. Recycling bins are located throughout the housing units, classrooms, student centers, and office buildings - click here for recycling locations on campus. Over the last five years, GVSU has doubled its recycling rate. Each winter GVSU competes against other universities nationally in the Recyclemania competition to see who can recycle the most. Check out last year's totals and information at our Recyclemania page.


  • GVSU Surplus Store - The GVSU Surplus Store was created to reduce environmental impact by engaging in sustainable practices. The Surplus Store provides items that have reached the end of their shelf life for sale to the general public and creates an avenue for educating students in the field of business and sustainability practices. 


  • Paper Reduction Efforts - Duplex printing is the default option in most computer labs on campus. The transition to duplex printing saved more than nine million sheets of paper in its first year. Paper usage has also been reduced in the classroom as a result of the Blackboard website, where students can obtain class readings or submit assignments electronically.


  • Project Donation - When students move out at the end of each year, they often discover several unwanted items. The Facilities Services Department coordinates with local nonprofit organizations to set up donation boxes on campus for students to donate items like furniture, clothing, and food. Even electronics, which are reused or recycled by Comprenew, (a local e-waste recycler) can be donated.

Page last modified July 25, 2018