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Dating back to 1949, International Christian University (ICU) is a result of cooperative planning by the Japanese and North American educators. ICU’s most valuable quality is its international commitment to not only introduce others to the Japanese culture, but also to offer Japanese students a wider understanding of the world in which they live. While ICU has a strong foundation built on Christian principles, its doors are open to students of all backgrounds and faiths. The University is widely recognized for its outstanding academic programs and high quality education. Nearly 1 in 3 full-time faculty are international faculty. Also, approximately 20% of ICU courses are taught in English. This percentage is expected to continue growing in the future to up to 50%. Class sizes are smaller with an average faculty to student ratio of 1 to 18.

The University is located in Mitaka City, a suburban community adjacent to the district comprising Tokyo proper. A separate administrative entity of metropolitan Tokyo, Mitaka is geographically apart of the Musashino Plain, which extends to the Chichibu range of mountains visible from the ICU campus. Mount Fuji is also visible from the campus on a clear day. You are able to choose from the full academic year program or the six-week summer language and culture program.

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Students can apply for on-campus housing; however, these placements are not guaranteed. Students who are not assigned an on-campus housing placement will be given information to nearby off-campus housing options. Visit the accommodation page for more information.


Summer Program

ICU offers a summer program for students interested in taking courses in Japanese. 

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