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Dating back to 1949, International Christian University (ICU) is a result of cooperative planning by the Japanese and North American educators. ICU’s most valuable quality is its international commitment to not only introduce others to the Japanese culture, but also to offer Japanese students a wider understanding of the world in which they live. While ICU has a strong foundation built on Christian principles, its doors are open to students of all backgrounds and faiths. The University is widely recognized for its outstanding academic programs and high quality education. Nearly 1 in 3 full-time faculty are international faculty. Also, approximately 20% of ICU courses are taught in English. This percentage is expected to continue growing in the future to up to 50%. Class sizes are smaller with an average faculty to student ratio of 1 to 18.

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The University is located in Mitaka City, a suburban community adjacent to the district comprising Tokyo proper. A separate administrative entity of metropolitan Tokyo, Mitaka is geographically apart of the Musashino Plain, which extends to the Chichibu range of mountains visible from the ICU campus. Mount Fuji is also visible from the campus on a clear day. You are able to choose from the full academic year program or the six-week summer language and culture program.


Cultural Information

When studying abroad, it is important to learn about the culture of your host country.

For information on music, food, language, news & more, view Cultural Information for Japan



2017-2018 Estimated AY Budget

2017 Estimated Summer Budget

How will I pay for this?

Financial Aid FAQ's

There are few places in the world that offer comparable scholarship opportunities to those offered by Japanese institutions. Each year, students receive thousands of dollars in scholarship support to study in Japan. Scholarships are competitive and conditions often apply; however, many GVSU students have been recipients of outstanding scholarships over the years. Scholarship notifications are sent to applicants after they apply for the program. Many scholarships are announced near time of departure.

JASSO SCHOLARSHIP - The Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) offers scholarships to exchange students who study in Japan. The scholarship is 80,000 yen per month which is equivalent to about $800 USD per month. ICU will send out information after a student applies to invite applications for this scholarship.

JICUF SCHOLARSHIP is offered by the Japan ICU Foundation which is an organization based in New York City. JICUF offers scholarships to support students interested in studying at ICU. The award is 80,000 yen per month which is approximately $800 US per month. ICU will send out information after a student applies to invite applications for this scholarship.

A PIC Partnership Grant is available ($2,000 each) 2 available per year for this program. This grant is not available for students who receive the JASSO, JICUF, or TAKASE scholarships.

The cost of any study abroad program depends to a large extent on the participant's personal spending habits and lifestyle.



Visa Information

US citizens will be required to apply for a student visa prior to entry into Japan for stays longer than 90 days. For additional information, visit the Consulate General of Japan-Detroit website here. Students can find more detailed information regarding the application process in our student visa guide. Please note that the appropriate consulate or embassy must be consulted for the most up-to-date visa information.

Housing and Meals

Students can apply for on-campus housing; however, these placements are not guaranteed. Students who are not assigned an on-campus housing placement will be given information to nearby off-campus housing options. Visit the accommodation page for more information.


Program Date

Academic Year: August-June

Summer Option

Summer: July to mid-August 


ICU offers students a guide for how to search for classes. 

Access the Course List for a list of available courses and course descriptions.

Existing Course Equivalencies

List of Summer Courses

ICU Units - ICU operates on a trimester system (11 week sessions 3 x per year) rather than a semester system (15  week sessions 2 x per year).  The number of ICU units per course can be translated into US credits by diving the units by 1.5.



ICU Application Process

Step 1 - Students must apply and be accepted into the GVSU OASIS application system.

Step 2 - The Padnos International Center will provide all applicants with application instructions after the OASIS priority deadline.

Step 3 - Students must complete all required application materials for ICU.

Step 4 - Students receive admission into the program and are provided with additional pre-arrival instructions.


Summer Program

ICU offers a summer program for students interested in taking courses in Japanese. All of the program information can be found on their website at: 

ICU Summer Program Brochure

ICU Summer Program Contact information: [email protected]

Estimated Summer Program Costs (based on 2016 estimates)

Campus Information

ICU's campus offers students a scenic park-like environment away from the busy city streets. There are several meeting places around campus for students to gather as well as numerous campus activities. At ICU, the vast majority of students participate in one or more student activities. This is known to be the best place to meet new friends and connect with degree-seeking students.





Travel Information

For information on how to get to ICU visit:

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