Cost Breakdown for International Christian University (summer)

This is the estimated budget for this study abroad program. It serves as an estimated cost of attendance for your study abroad program. Students often pay for study abroad through a combination of financial aid, personal funds, scholarships, grants, and alternative loans. The total amount listed as the Total Program Cost is the maximum amount of aid you can receive from GVSU. This estimated cost of attendance does not reflect the amount of aid you will qualify for, simply the cap on how much could be award to you.

Cost Billed to GVSU




IS 380 Course Fee


Paid to GVSU. The course fee for IS 380 is $28 per credit hour. Participants on this program will register for 6 credits of IS 380.

Additional Costs




ICU Fees


ICU fees include: application and screening fee, tuition, and visa application fee. Paid to ICU.

Passport & Visa


Passport fee: $145.



Paid to Airline Provider.

Health insurance

$28 - $200

Paid to insurance provider of your choosing. The Basic ISIC card will meet the PIC health insurance requirement.



Students are housed in on-campus housing. Paid to ICU.



On-site personal expenses. Costs for meals will largely depend on a person's spending habits. This cost is based on an estimated of $600 per month.

Personal Expenses


On-site personal expenses associated with local transportation not provided by the program, laundry and other basic necessities.


(Costs billed by GVSU + Additional Costs)

$6,841 - $7,013


**The cost of any study abroad program depends to a large extent on the participant’s personal spending habits and lifestyle. Personal travel, entertainment, gifts, souvenirs, and other types of personal spending are costs not reflected in the above estimates.