Why You Should Get Involved At GVSU

Written by Amanda Paler
Posted on April 28, 2022

College is an exciting time in your life; people with different ideas and identities come together to learn with open minds. Contrary to popular belief, not all learning takes place in the classroom. Some of your most memorable lessons might come from your involvement in a student organization, a community service opportunity, or a campus event. Take advantage of all the opportunities Grand Valley has to offer and get involved!

Make Friends

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in college for a few days or a few years– making friends can be hard! Let’s say you have a love for dancing, comedy, Taylor Swift, or even eating lettuce. You’ve always wanted to meet up with other people passionate about these things, but finding people with similar interests hasn't been as easy as you thought it would be. Don’t let that dull your sparkle! With a quick look at LakerLink, you will realize student life has a home for everyone through student orgs. You can become a pro in improv comedy with Subject to Change, sing Taylor Swift songs with Club 13, or eat that lettuce with Lettuce Club! Sounds like prime real estate for forming some lifelong friendships!

Students writing GVSU in chalk

Develop Your Skills

We know your love for Taylor Swift is unending, but what about those other skills you're neglecting? What about those skills you didn’t even know you had? Maybe you’ve got a way with bees, a great mind for planning, a voice for radio, or the greenest thumb this side of the Mississippi. When you join a student organization, you’ll be able to discover new things about yourself and develop the skills that make you who you are. The opportunities for finding a new passion are limitless through joining a new org.

Phi Mu sorority members
Students volunteering during Make A Difference Day
Dance Troupe recital dance

Boost Your Resume

No matter what, being in a student org gives you a new addition to your resume. Related to your field or not, being a part of a student organization shows that you can manage more than one thing at once. Employers love to see a person who has a good work-life balance and is a well-rounded individual who cares about something. Taking on a leadership role within an organization shows strong dedication, exemplary people skills, and management capabilities. Additionally, student orgs that are specific to your desired career field will help you network and strengthen your professional abilities.

Louie the Laker hyping up the stands at football game

Have Fun

What’s the only thing better than reading books alone? Joining a book club with a bunch of friends, of course! When you join a registered student organization (RSO), the friendships you form will make your college experience better. Those who are involved in organizations at GVSU report a higher rate of overall satisfaction than those who aren’t. In fact, 76% of surveyed students say that Student Life activities enhanced their college experience.

Make the most of your time at Grand Valley and get involved. Find an event or organization, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and GO! Check out the resources below to get started.

Campus Life Night  LakerLink 

 Civic Engagement  Events Calendar  

Start your own Student Org

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