Why You Should Get Involved At GVSU

College is an exciting time in your life, people with different ideas, creeds, and identities come together with open minds for education. Despite popular belief not all learning takes place in the classroom, some of your most impactful learning will come from time spent outside of class. Take advantage of this amalgamation of human interaction by getting involved. Here are some ways getting involved can help you become more.

Students at Football Stadium

Make Friends

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in college for a few days or a few years, making friends can be hard. Finding people with similar interests, who can beat box as well as you can and bust a rhyme at the drop of a dime, just isn’t as easy as you would think. Student organizations at the end of the day are just big groups of people who like to do some of the same things. Sounds like prime real-estate for making friends that last a lifetime.

Students registering at Campus Life Night

GVSU Rowing Club competing at Lubber's Cup

Develop Your Skills

We know your beat boxing skills are dope, but what about those other skills you’re neglecting? Maybe you’ve got a way with bees, a great mind for planning, a voice for radio, or the greenest thumb this side of the Mississippi. When you join a student organization, you gain an avenue to develop the skills that make you who you are and skills that might need a little work.

Looks Good on a Resume

Employers love to see a person who has a good work-life balance, and that starts in college. Being a part of a student organization shows that you can manage doing more than one thing at once and taking on a leadership role within the organization shows dedication, exemplary people skills, and management skills. Basically, putting a Registered Student Organization (RSO) on your resume will help you get the interview and have something to talk about when they ask you about hobbies, other than beat boxing.

A student at the GVTV booth shows camera equipment

Students playing games in Sports Center

Have Fun

What’s better than beat boxing alone? Beat boxing with a bunch of friends who are also great beat boxers. When you join an RSO those friends you made fuel the fun-machine. Those who are involved at GVSU reported a higher rate of overall satisfaction than those who aren’t, in fact 76% percent of surveyed students say that Student Life activities enhanced their college experience.

If you want to join in on some of the fun that they’re having, look up. Pull your eyes away from the screen, and look around you. Find an event or organization and GO, get out of your comfort zone, and flourish, we’ll see you there.

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