Meet our Involvement Ambassadors

Our Involvement Ambassadors are here to help you get involved and become more! Meet with a member of our team to find the student organization that is perfect for you based on your interests. Don't wait, request a meeting today!

Meet your Involvement Ambassadors

Lindsey Balk, Involvement Ambassador.

Lindsey Balk (she/her/hers)

Major: Nursing

Involvement: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Transitions Leader

Bio: Lindsey knew she wanted to get involved in hopes of finding community and making the most of her college experience. It wasn’t until Sophomore year when she started to get more involved and take on some leadership roles. Through these things, she was able to develop leadership skills, grow her community, learn how to manage time well (including self-care time), as well as making GV feel more like home. Learning the value of getting involved has made her passionate about helping others find ways to get involved as well.

Jillian Smith, Involvement Ambassador.

Jillian Smith (She/Her/Hers)

Major: Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Minors: Spanish and Human Rights

Involvement: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Law Society, Transitions Leader

Jillian decided to get involved at GV because as a freshman she wanted to make the most of her experience here. Joining Tri Sigma was one of her best decisions because this organization has provided her with amazing friendships, multiple leadership opportunities, and even chances to apply for scholarships within this sorority. This organization has taught her so many lessons and she also found out more about herself. Through this experience she has discovered her love for helping others which led her to her current job working for the office of student life.

Elizabeth Barnes, Involvement Ambassador.

Ellie (Elizabeth) Barnes (She/Her/Hers)

Major: Multimedia Journalism

Minor: Writing

Involvement: Delta Gamma

Bio: Becoming more involved on Grand Valley’s campus has been anything but boring for Elizabeth. One of the biggest lessons she learned was just because you try an organization and it isn’t the right fit. Doesn’t mean that there isn’t one out there. There are so many organizations on GV’s campus, so there is something for everyone. And once she found that perfect fit more opportunities, events and friends just started flooding in!

Stefanie Bianca Pacia, Involvement Ambassador.

Stefanie Bianca Pacia (She/Her(s))

Major: Allied Health Science

Minor: Business

Involvement: Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, Campus Activity Board

Bio: Being part of the Office of Student Life Staff has made Stefanie more interested in being involved on campus. It has given her the chance to meet new people, make connections, and find cool opportunities. Besides that, being involved has made college more easier for her. Having something else besides academics allowed Stefanie to enjoy college life. The skills that she has gained through all her experiences is something that she is grateful for; and she is excited to use them as she goes into the real world.

Marissa Ellis

Marissa Ellis (She/Her/Hers)

Major: Radiation Therapy
Involvement: American Red Cross Club
Bio: Marissa wanted to get involved on GV’s campus after transferring from a different university and living in an off-campus apartment. After finding the American Red Cross Club on social media, she was able to become a member. This organization brings her fulfillment and thought it was a perfect opportunity to get involved on a new campus. It offers many different ways to help out and give back to her community. It has allowed her to gain many skills like bettering her communication skills and being more confident with her peers and faculty. It has helped her come out of her shell and feel passionate about the work she is doing.

Madey (Madelynn) Lutenski

Madey (Madelynn) Lutenski (She/Her/Hers)

Major: Advertising and Public Relations
Minor: Political Science
Involvement: GVSU Career Center, GVSU Admissions Office Ambassador, and Law Society
Bio: Madey started off her first year by going to Campus Life Night and finding GV’s Law Society to join and going on Handshake to apply for a student ambassador position for the Admissions Office. She chose Law Society because it gave her a community of other students who were also interested in pursuing a career in law. It has given her the opportunity to meet legal studies professors, attend mock law classes, and visit two Michigan law schools. When it comes to being a student ambassador, she loves to meet and give tours to prospective students that could attend GV in hopes to give them the same feeling of love she felt after she toured GV for the first time. Through pushing herself beyond her comfort zone and gaining public speaking opportunities, she has grown not only as a student but a leader.

Lillian Baker

Lilly (Lillian) Baker (She/Her/Hers)

Major: Marketing and Hospitality Tourism Management
Involvement: Campus Activities Board and GVSU Momentum
Bio: Lilly began her involvement journey by joining the Campus Activities Board (CAB) as a first-year student after meeting with one of the advisors during a Laker Traditions meeting. She applied for e-board and has since been involved with the organization. Creating events and running CAB’s social media is something she is dedicated to doing. Looking through LakerLink, Lilly also ended up joining GVSU Momentum after talking to them at Campus Life Night. Lilly’s skills have also enhanced through these student organizations whether it was her dancing, event planning, or sign language. She even currently lives with two other CAB e-board members after meeting them through the organization!

Meg Vanata

Meg Vanata (She/Her/Hers)

Major: Music Education
Minors: Psychology and Juvenile Justice
Involvements: Move 2 The Beat Dance Team, Kappa Kappa Psi, Dance Troupe, and Laker Marching Band
Bio: Meg in her first-year reached out to other GVSU students and staff to get information in hopes to join organizations. As a music major, she met a lot of people in the Laker’s Marching Band who directed her to Kappa Kappa Psi. Through them, it encouraged her to go to recruitment events and find out ways to become part of the organizations. Before she came to GVSU, Meg also looked into dance groups to continue dancing while she went to college. This led her to find and join Dance Troupe! Later, she also joined Move 2 The Beat to further her dance opportunities. She got involved on campus so that she could meet people who share similar passions with her. Through joining, Meg has met her best friends by getting involved and learning much more about who she is as a person. Without them, she wouldn’t be who she is today.

Kassidy Connors (She/Her/Hers)

Major: Recreational Therapy

Minor: Psychology 

Involvement: Campus Ministry, Recreational Therapy Student Association, Gymnastics Club

Bio: Kassidy knew she wanted to find community as soon as she could when coming to Grand Valley. During her freshman year she got involved in everything she could and ended up finding Campus Ministry. She found a community who cared for her and pushed her in her faith. She learned more about herself and what she wanted to major in. Starting to get involved was a stepping stone in finding so many opportunities to grow and learn. She then started to take on leadership roles which allowed her to gain communication skills and confidence. Through all of these opportunities she became passionate about helping others find ways of getting involved.