Drop-In Days of Service

What are Drop-in Days of Service?

Drop-in Days of Service are once-a-month opportunities that help give students an opportunity to "drop in" and complete service projects for service hours. They are located on the GVSU Allendale campus and are super fun! We currently have four dates scheduled this winter semester. Students will acquire knowledge about different aspects of how Non-Profits can help the community, as well as finding good places to volunteer at in the future.

Drop-in Days of Service Projects

Projects may include:

  • Decorating paper bags for Kids Food Basket
  • Upcycling t-shirts into dog toys for the Humane Society
  • Making cards for children in the hospital, people in retirement homes, and soldiers
  • Making Bravery Bracelets for the Children's Advocacy Center
  • Painting Positivity Pebbles for the Children's Advocacy Center

Winter Semester Dates & Times

We will be hosting multiple Drop-in Days of Service this semester! All dates are INT 100/201 approved!


Service Activity & Community Partner



January 28

Making Valentine's Day Cards for children at Helen Devo's Children's Hospital

3-5 p.m.

Kirkhof Center Room 1104

February 18

Making "Kitty Cork Toys" for the Anti-Cruelty Society

3-5 p.m.

Kirkhof Center Room 1104

March 18

Drawings for seniors at Allendale Nursing & Rehabilitation Community

3-5 p.m.

Kirkhof Center Room 1104

April 8

Sack Supper bag decorating with Kid's Food Basket

3-5 p.m.

Kirkhof Center Room 1104

MLK Jr. Day of Service

MADM Drop-In Service

MLK Jr. Day of Service

Non-Profit Organization Volunteer Opportunities

Blandford Nature Center

"The mission of Blandford is to engage and empower our community through enriching experiences in nature. Our vision is a thriving, diverse community that supports a healthy, natural world."

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at Blandford Nature Center, visit their Volunteering Opportunities page.

To learn more about Blandford Nature Center, visit their site: Blandford Nature Center

Additionally, you can see a representative from Blandford Nature Center on October 29, 2021!

Kids Food Basket

"We nourish children living at or near the poverty level with critical evening meals to level the playing field for their academic achievement. Equipping children and families with greater access to fresh, locally grown food can help us build a more vibrant, healthier West Michigan."

For more opportunities with the Kids Food Basket: Get Involved with Kids Food Basket

To learn more about the Kids Food Basket and their mission: Kids Food Basket

Additionally, you can stop into the CSLC office to pick up bags to decorate on your own! See our hours here.

The Humane Society

"To promote the humane treatment and responsible care of animals in West Michigan through education, example, placement, and protection."

To learn about more volunteer opportunities, visit: The Humane Society Volunteer Opportunities

To learn more about The Humane Society and their mission: The Humane Society

Additionally, stop by our Drop-in Days of Service to make old t-shirts into dog toys!

ikus: Indian Trails Camp

"ITC gives campers the ability to choose which activities they want to engage in no matter what their abilities are. It’s also because of our enthusiastic and energetic staff, who support and encourage campers as they challenge themselves."

For more information about their mission: Indian Trails Camp

For volunteer opportunities or to get involved with ikus: Get Involved

Replenish of GVSU

"Replenish is an on campus, Grand Valley State University food resource, developed to support students." 

To get involved with Replenish, see here.

To see the locations of Replenish, see here.

The Children's Advocacy Center

"Our mission: To provide child centered prevention, advocacy, and team intervention in investigation, assessment, and treatment of child sexual abuse inclusive of all children and families."

For ways to give, visit the Children's Advocacy Center website here.