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Thank you for your interest in joining the Promotions Office team in the Office of Student Life!

Each position is unique— specifics including responsibilities and expectations can be found below. Ideal candidates for employment within the Promotions Office:

  • Are passionate about their craft
  • Want to grow and develop their skills
  • Familiar with who we are & our work (design, video, photo, editorial, social - search for @GVSUStudentLife on Facebook, InstagramTwitter)
  • Interested in a future career in a specific or related role you are applying to work

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Please note, we do most of our hiring for fall semester in February/March, but there are often a few open positions posted at other times during the year.
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Marketing Project Manager

Marketing Project Manager

Assists with marketing campaigns, helps strengthen and maintain the Office of Student Life brand, and collaborates on special marketing projects.

Marketing Project Manager Job Description Apply for Marketing Project Manager

Digital Marketing Staff Assistant

Digital Marketing Staff Assistant

Assists with the management of websites and email marketing for the Office of Student Life.

Digital Marketing Staff Assistant Job Description Apply for Digital Marketing Staff Assistant

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

Manages the overall brand and content of the Office of Student Life’s social media accounts.

Social Media Manager Job Description Apply for Social Media Manager

Assistant Editor an editing program on a computer screen

Assistant Video Editor

Works to meet the post-production needs of various client based video projects.

Assistant Video Editor Job Description Apply for Assistant Video Editor


Video Editor

Works to meet the advanced post-production and graphic animation needs of various video projects.

Video Editor Job Description Apply for Video Editor

Camera Operator person holding a camera on a shoulder rig

Camera Operator

Operates the camera and aids in production for a variety of video productions.

Camera Operator Job Description Apply for Camera Operator

Cinematographer camera monitor


Operates the camera and works as the director of photography for a variety of video productions.

Cinematographer Job Description Apply for Cinematographer

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Responsible for designing and printing a wide variety of materials that are used to promote campus events and more. Manage project deadlines and get experience working with clients and vendors.

Graphic Designer Job Description Apply for Graphic Designer



On a project-by-project basis our photographers provide high-quality photography services including: marketing content, specialized event coverage, formal headshots, and high-end portraiture.

Photographer Job Description Apply for Photographer

Assistant Project Manager person typing on a laptop

Assistant Video/Photo Project Manager

Assists with scheduling photo services, video pre-production, and office related work to accomplish projects that meet the unique needs of the campus community. 

Assistant Project Manager Job Description Apply for Assistant Video/Photo Project Manager

Project Manager

Video/Photo Project Manager

Works directly with clients as a producer to create videos that meet their unique needs for the campus community.

Project Manager Job Description Apply for Video/Photo Project Manager 

Campus Posting Assistant

Campus Posting Assistant

Responsible for posting posters to campus bulletin boards.

Campus Posting Assistant Job Description 



Assist with weekly newsletters to write articles, write copy, and tell the story of life as a student while using the voice of the Office of Student Life brand.

Writer Job Description

Editorial Project Manager

Editorial Project Manager

Assist with editorial of content, creative development, and the management of the weekly newsletter for the Office of Student Life.

Editorial Project Manager Job Description 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Design/Campus Posting
[email protected]
(616) 331-2340

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[email protected]
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