Pay Periods and Pay Dates

Please Note: Before a student may start working on campus, Student Employment must have their Federal I-9 form and tax forms on file in our office.
Giving a Raise: The increase will go into effect the following pay period (not the one you are currently in).
You must begin a student hire at the beginning of a pay period and end them at the end of a pay period.

Summer 2021-Winter 2022

Pay Period Chart

Summer 2022-Winter 2023

Pay Period Chart

Spring/Summer 2023

Spring Summer 2023 pay period chart

More hiring dates will become available as we learn more about the Workday system and how pay periods will be set up using that new technology.

The pay period chart below will help you identify the start date, end date, and pay date for each pay period.  

Download the Summer 2021 - Winter 2022 Pay Chart

Download the Summer 2022 - Winter 2023 Pay Chart

Download the Summer 2023 Pay Chart

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For more information regarding Pay Periods and Pay Dates, please visit the Payroll website. 

If you have any additional questions regarding when your students will be paid and which dates are best to hire them, feel free to reach out to our office via email or give us a call. We are happy to help.

Phone: 616-331-3238

Email: [email protected]


Page last modified March 17, 2023