Student Employee of the Month

GVSU Student Employment Office is proud to recognize the amazing efforts of our student employees across campus. We believe that Grand Valley could not function without their incredible hard work and dedication. By highlighting a Student Employee of the Month, our goal is to recognize the student employees who go above and beyond in their area(s) of employment. These students have been nominated by a professional staff member within their hiring department and selected by a committee within the Student Employment Office. This program was initiated in September of 2021 and will honor one student employee per month. 

If you would like to nominate a student employee who works in your department, please complete the form at the following link.

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For the month of December we are honoring Anahi Villeda! Anahi is a sophomore at GVSU studying marketing. Anahi works in the Battle Creek Regional Outreach Center and says, "I really like the environment at my job. It's friendly and welcoming. Not only do I have a boss but also a mentor/advisor who provides support and opportunities." When asked about how her job has impacted her experience at GVSU, Anahi said, "I have gained many connections on campus and learned professional skills that I know will aid me in my career. When working at a job on campus you are a student first, which helps balance work and school and means I am able to continue to succeed in my studies." Anahi's advice to potential student employees is to "just go for it. Many of the environments on campus are flexible with school and work schedules and connect you to the campus where you can make the most out of your time at GVSU." Congrats Anahi!

"Anahi goes above and beyond almost every single shift. She is a multitasker who checks tasks of her list very quickly and efficiently. She has become a mentor for several younger program scholars and has been a crucial addition to the Battle Creek Regional Outreach Center staff." - Leslie Strickland (Supervisor)

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Our Student Employee of the Month for November is Elisa Guerrero! Elisa is a senior who is double majoring in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies. Elisa says, "My favorite part of my job is the people I work with! My supervisors are the best people who provide me with a ton of support. Working on campus has provided me with many opportunities and I feel more connected with the community because I know all the resources and events that GVSU can provide!" When asked what she likes most about her job, Elisa said, "I'm very much a people person and this job has led me to meet so many people that are outside my cohort. I run social media and communication for PCEC (Padnos College of Engineering and Computing) which has taught my so many social skills. I highly recommend an on-campus job as school always comes first in this environment. Supervisors provide flexible schedules as well as tremendous support! GVSU employment wants you to succeed!"

"Elisa is an exceptional student employee. She greets everyone with a genuine smile and warm welcome. She is a hard worker, with a great work ethic. She is professional and completes job duties independently. She is also very reliable and a pleasure to work with." - Sarah Kozminski (Supervisor)

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Ty Rizer is our Student Employee of the Month for October! Ty is getting his Masters of Education in Educational Technology and works in the IT Technology Showcase at GVSU. When asked what he liked most about his job Ty said, "The opportunity to actually do what I'm studying to do every day and the resources to fully realize projects that I could never finish on my own. At the Technology Showcase, we offer campus the opportunity to interact with emerging technology like the Hololens 2 for themselves. And when the foot traffic slows down and there's no tours to give, student workers like myself are not only allowed but encouraged by our supervisors to work on personal projects which activate the hardware in the room. The chance to tinker with tech like Hololens 2 while actually getting paid is really exciting to me." When asked about how his job experience has impacted his overall experience as a student at GVSU Ty said, "At the Technology Showcase, my supervisors have constantly sought to provide me with opportunities to take my work further and centered my progress in front of people who could help my career someday. The experience that I have had here has been an integral component of my studies. It's one thing to read about methodologies and interventions and another thing entirely to have the chance to develop a real tool yourself. The Technology Showcase has given me a way to ground my research in reality while I'm still in school."

Ty's recommendations for potential student employees is to "Be proactive and stay excited! Campus jobs provided me with experience on my resume and work on my portfolio that, as a creative professional, directly enabled me to get my first jobs. In my experience, people can feel genuine enthusiasm and respond to it. Explore campus, find things that you care about, and don't be afraid to invest in them. It could be just as important as your classwork." 

"Ty went above and beyond all summer in the Technology Showcase ideating and building new ideas with virtual reality including a Molecular Model Virtual Reality Gallery in partnership with a faculty member in the Chemistry Department. He set the gold standard for our Showcase tours in applying all the technology back to its usefulness in learning. Finally, he was pivotal in building relationships across the campus and technology community helping bring together area technology stakeholders to discuss and ideate on the future of technology in education." - Hunter Bridwell (Supervisor)

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Our Student Employee of the Month for September is Rebecca Dull! Rebecca is a 5th year senior majoring in Integrated Science and Elementary Education. Rebecca works in the Regional Math and Science Center (RMSC) and says, "It has launched me into a community I never knew existed. I was able to join and learn from like-minded individuals and I was given opportunities to share my skills and improve on them. Through my involvement with the RMSC I have gained more confidence in my chosen field of education." When asked what she likes most about her position Rebecca said, "I enjoy making connections with people and working with the RMSC gave me the opportunity to form relationships with thoughtful leaders." Her advice to students who want to work on campus is to "stay open to new opportunities. Sometimes it is beneficial to pass up a job where you could make more money to instead gain more experience or opportunities in your chosen field." Thank you Rebecca!

"Rebecca is a diligent and organized employee, kind, and on task. As a new hire for the summer she came in with a positive attitude and willingness to support our diverse office needs. Her first day at the RMSC was the first day we gained access to our new office space. She came in to stacks of boxes and new faces. Her willingness to jump into unpacking boxes on her first day speaks to her supportive nature and passion for problem solving. She does a wide variety of tasks for our office, from writing and mailing letters to calling parents, rinsing out bottles to use as part of our summer camp programming, creating bulleting boards, and running errands. We appreciate her positive attitude, smile and flexibility as our summer programming demands it. She rises to every occasion and gets along well with staff." - Shelly Micho (Supervisor)

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Joey Gusumano has been awarded Student Employee of the Month for August!  Joey is entering his junior year, is studying Film and Video Production, and works in the Dean of Students Office. Joey says, "I like being able to help students who are overwhelmed with school or life and need someone to talk to. Working at the Dean of Students has helped me make the most of my time at Grand Valley, whether it be through campus resources or social events." When we asked Joey if he had any advice for potential student employees he said, "I think all freshman should try to work on campus because it helps you learn about the GV campus, gives flexibility with school schedules, and offers accountability when you move away from home."

"Joey has become an asset in our office. When given a challenge he does not hesitate to accept, rather he asks questions and figures out the best way to approach it. He has been very receptive to feedback and is always looking to improve his work. He communicates effectively his needs to get a task or project done as well as when he encounters a barrier." - Noel Rodriguez (Supervisor)

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Our Student Employee of the Month for July is Alaysha Cannon. Congratulations Alaysha! Alaysha is a sophomore at GVSU majoring in Pre-Dental Biomedical Sciences. When asked about her employment in the Provost's Office Alaysha said, "I love the environment created by my supervisor and the support given to one another. I have been able to learn a lot more about GVSU and the resources available." Her advice to potential student employees is to "go for it and make sure you stay engaged with your supervisor and make sure you communicate."

"Alaysha is a prime example of hard work and dedication. She shows up every day ready to tackle the tasks that she is assigned and is often a motivator and cheerleader for other student employees. She encourages people to become involved as much as possible on campus and is often viewed as a mentor for younger scholars in our program." - Leslie Strickland (Supervisor)

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Jesse Goodyear is our Student Employee of the Month for June! Congrats Jesse! Jesse is currently a senior who is studying Accounting and Finance and works in the Admissions Office. Jesse says, "GVSU is such an awesome university which I love attending and nothing gives me more pride than being able to show prospective students how great our university is! I also love being around all the other student employees and being able to work so closely with the faculty and staff in the admissions office." When we asked Jesse what he likes most about his job, he said "Working in the Admissions office at GVSU has provided me with so many great opportunities, friendships and a once in a lifetime experience and I could not imagine my college/American life without it! I would highly recommend for students to work on campus, not only has it opened up so many doors for me but has also provided me with lifelong friendships and so many memories that I will never forget."

"Jesse consistently brings a smile to everyone's face in our office - both staff and all the prospective students and families he shows around campus. He continually jumps in where needed to support staff with calls, campus tours, New Student Orientation preparations and more. Often times our tour guides are a family's first and only impression of GVSU and Jesse represents us excellently. He's reliable, positive, and a great role model to all other students as well. To top it all off, he balances it with a full load of business courses and demanding schedule as a student-athlete." - Sarah Tibbe (Supervisor)


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For the month of May we are celebrating Zoya Deen! Zoya is a sophomore at GVSU who is majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Archaeology. Zoya works with the Seidman house and says it has "a caring community of students and supervisors that has made it such a pleasure to work here. With my job at Seidman House I love that I am always learning new things and new skills for my future. Before working here, I had no experience with archives work. Now, I've been able to work on all kinds of different tasks, like how to take in new historic records, how to organize them for researchers to use, and so much more." When we asked Zoya how her job has impacted her experience at GVSU, she said "Through this job I have found new friends in my coworkers at Seidman House who provide me with support. I learn new things about GVSU's history every day which helps me feel more connected to campus. Most notably, my work with archives and special collections opened up a new realm of possibility for a future in library sciences." Finally, Zoya's advice to students who are considering employment at GVSU is "to apply for a wide variety of jobs you may be interested in, and if your schedule allows. It may lead you to a new field you hadn't considered before."

"Zoya comes to every shift ready to take on new challenges. Her work is high-quality and thorough, and she never hesitates to go the extra step. She has improved signage and organized the office, written metadata to make digital collections more accessible, created amazing exhibits, helped us keep up with social media, and so much more. It was her initiative to give compliment cards around the department, which has us constantly smiling! We appreciate all of the hard work and enthusiasm Zoya brings!" - Leigh Rupinski (Supervisor)


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This month we are celebrating Luke Jaroszewicz who works in Housing and Residence Life! Luke is a senior majoring in Business and enjoys the variety of tasks he gets to perform in his job. "For example, one day I might be preparing quarantine/isolation rooms with food and other hygienic supplies, while another day I end up completing work orders like helping with a bed loft, or repairing dresser drawers. This job always keeps me guessing on what tasks I will have to do and I like that because it never gets boring for me." When asked about how his job has impacted his experience at GVSU, Luke said "the job helped me learn to navigate around campus when I first started as a freshmen. This job also has impacted my abilities to manage multiple tasks at once, communicate better, and to critically think when unexpected situations arise. Lastly, I have been able to meet so many people from different backgrounds with many different insights and that has made me more knowledgeable in areas that I had no intentions of learning about when I first arrived at GVSU. This has enabled me to grow as a person throughout my time working here." Luke's advice for potential student employees is "if your studies allow the time for you to work, then I would highly recommend doing so for many reasons. Working on campus is a great way to build connections, expand networks, and learn great work ethics. Personally, working on campus has helped me become more structured in my daily routine. Getting a job with GVSU can also be used to add to a resume. Lastly, and most obvious, it is beneficial to have some additional income, especially being a college student."

"Luke's dedication includes working 6-7 days per week and being extremely reliable. This past month alone, he and his team made nearly 150 special request deliveries. Luke has had to think strategically to be as efficient as possible with deliveries to assure students get what they need a timely manner. It's safe to say we would not be able to provide the quality support to on campus students without his dedication and support. "  - Adam Tate (supervisor)

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Hailee Kleeves is the winner of our Student Employee of the Month for March. Congratulations Hailee! Hailee is currently a junior at GVSU studying Criminal Justice, Juvenile Justice and Sociology. The best part of Hailee's job is her coworkers. She says "Through this job, I have been able to meet and connect with so many other students who make coming to work fun. Working an on-campus job has given me the opportunity to expand my job skills while also making sure that I put my schoolwork first. My supervisors always understand that there may be school conflicts that come up and do their best to work around my schedule." When we asked Hailee if she has any advice for other students on campus, she said "I highly recommend getting an on-campus job, it is the best way to meet new people on campus as well as successfully balance your classes and your job." Thank you Hailee!

"Parking Services is a tough place to work but Hailee never complains and maintains a positive, professional attitude with every customer. She is incredibly dependable and ever helpful in the office. She goes above and beyond every day and does it with grace and aplomb! I am so grateful she is on the team!" - Julie Carbine (Supervisor)

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Congratulations Hannah Holfels! She is our Student Employee of the Month for February and is a senior studying Psychology with a minor in Ethics, Culture and Society. Hannah works in the Psychology Department on campus and says "I like working with the Psychology departments because I can get to know a little bit about all the professors in the department and help them out doing miscellaneous tasks. I also appreciate that this job works around my schedule well." When we asked how her job has impacted her experience at GVSU, Hannah said "It has made me more comfortable talking to strangers and people that are my superior." Some advice Hannah has for students who are interested in working on campus is "Do it. They work with your schedule and, at least in my position when things are slow, you can work on other projects (as long as you're doing the job still)." 

"Hannah's skills of searching to find results to complete a project are invaluable. She clearly understands what the end product needs to be so she can locate the correct details in between, and go beyond the request in offering additional pieces of information. Hannah's desire to learn and grow is evident as she takes initiative in asking quality questions while providing first-rate customer service. Hannah has a ready smile and her personality is one that is calming to those in her presence. Working with Hannah is a true joy as she serves both departments in an efficacious manner." - Joyce Sullivan & Pam De Windt (Supervisors)

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Please join us in congratulating our first Student Employee of the Month of 2022, Faith Kuipers! Faith is a senior at GVSU double majoring in Exercise Science and Allied Health Science. Faith is currently employed with the GVSU COVID Testing Team and says "I like how it has exposed me to more students that are outside of my major. I find it interesting to learn why people chose their major and what they are passionate about. I also like how flexible, organized, and caring the management team is." When asked about how her job has impacted her experience as a GVSU student, Faith said, "I think it has made my last year at GVSU more memorable. I get to work in one of the most iconic buildings on campus and reflect on the various memories I have made at GV during the last 3 years." Her advice to potential student employees is to "make a good impression at work because you could use your employer as a reference in the future. A strong reference can help open up additional opportunities for you whether that is graduate school or a job post-graduation." Thanks Faith!

"Faith is a dedicated and dependable. She is always willing to jump in to any position needed to make the testing sites successful. She anticipates the needs of testing sites and reacts accordingly. She is kind and informative to COVID testers. Faith is an asset to the COVID Testing Program." - Erika Van Dyke (Supervisor)

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For the month of December, we are highlighting Ashley Lothschutz, a student employee in the library on campus. Ashley is currently a senior majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders with a minor in Spanish. When asked about her position, Ashley said "I like that each day in the library is a little bit different. There are a variety of tasks that need to be done and I've been able to work with amazing people for the past four years. Working at the library has given me a space where I am able to take a break from my classes and do something that I enjoy as well as build skills that I will be able to apply to my future career. Grand Valley's student employment options have something for everyone and I am grateful that I found my place at the library."

"Ashley is a rockstar resource of information for her staff and student colleagues. She always brings a positive attitude and energetic creativity to every type of task. Ashley volunteers and flexes her schedule to help train her colleagues. We greatly appreciate all the work Ashley's put in to prepare training materials for and help train our new staff this semester!" - Katie Alphenaar (Supervisor)

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November 2021 - Landon Nalepinski

This month we are celebrating Landon Nalepinski who works with Information Technology at the Blackboard Help Desk for the eLearning Team. Landon is a first year graduate student earning a Professional Master of Arts in Social Innovation. Landon enjoys "being able to work with different faculty and staff members every day" and says "it is fun getting to speak with different people that often have a wide variety of issues that they need assistance with." When asked about how their role has impacted their experience at GVSU, Landon said "this position has been incredibly eye-opening for me as I am now seeing Blackboard from the instructor's perspective. I applaud the amount of work that faculty put into building their Blackboard courses in order to help their students be more interactive and successful during the semester." Landon's advice for prospective students is to "apply for any job that you think you might be interested in! Don't take the job too lightly but have fun with it; talk with your coworkers, get to know the full-time faculty/staff, and take the opportunity to learn new things or expand on your skills!"

"His work is phenomenal! Landon is very courteous, helpful, and speedy in his responses. He has set a high bar for what quality, courteous work looks like." -Barbara Stevens (supervisor)

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October 2021 - Olivia Gordon

Olivia is our second student employee at GVSU to win Student Employee of the Month. Olivia is currently a senior earning her degree in chemistry and environmental and sustainability studies. When asked about her role in the Movement Science Department Olivia said, "The things I enjoy most about my job are the relationships I've built with my peers and supervisors and the flexibility that the job provides when it comes to focusing on classwork. My job has impacted my experience at GV in lots of ways! I think the most important thing it's done for me is given me consistency and provided a space for me to be able to decompress without additional stressors." When asked about advice she would give to prospective student employees she said, "Just go for it! There are a ton of different job opportunities that are sure to fit your schedule and interests."

"Olivia has continuously displayed a strong work ethic and commitment to professional customer service, showing initiative and the ability to think critically across a number of tasks. Olivia is friendly and cheerful with everyone she services, whether it's faculty or students, in person or on the phone. She has a positive attitude and quickly responds to staff, faculty and student requests. We can always trust that work given to Olivia will be done independently and thoroughly. When we need creative flair, Olivia is our go-to person. She decorates our office and faculty doorways with each season. She has taken over maintaining our department billboards. Anything that needs organizing, Olivia will do it! She helped convert all of the department office records from hard-copy to electronic filing. There is really no way to capture her extraordinary performance as a Student Employee for Movement Science." - Andrea Vincent (Supervisor)

Tommy Nate smiling

September 2021 - Tommy Nate

Tommy Nate is our first Student Employee of the Month and is a junior at GVSU majoring in finance. When asked about his job Tommy said, "I very much enjoy my job, but most of all I enjoy the supportive work environment provided by all staff members at the SBDC (Small Business Development Center). My job has greatly impacted my experience at GVSU. It has allowed me to become more involved in different aspects of the college community while also providing opportunities to meet and connect with new people." When asked about advice he would give to students looking for employment he encouraged them "to explore all opportunities and to approach new jobs with an excited mindset. Don't be afraid of new chances to engage!"

"Tommy Nate has played an important role in launching many of the new Digital Transformation efforts at the Michigan SBDCs. He has been instrumental in supporting our new brand. He stepped into his role during the pandemic and quickly adjusted to remote work and a new team with a positive attitude and impressive work ethic. Tommy has helped our rebrand team successfully implement statewide orders for new brand materials, positively contributing to employee engagement and generating excitement around our new brand launch. In addition, Tommy is on the front lines of our new Salesforce launch, helping to piece together our weekly status reports, our SWAG giveaways, and supporting the Program Manager. He has also learned much about our internal Learning Management Systems and will soon be leading a research project across the nations SBDC's for how clients learn and how subjects are most important to them." - Hollie Blagg (Supervisor)



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