Student Employee Job Aids

Workday is live! As a future or current student employee, you will be using Workday to:

  • Search for on-campus employment
  • Complete your onboarding tasks
  • Complete employment paperwork
  • Enter your time
  • View your paycheck


Read the details below and click on the individual jobs aids to learn how to complete these tasks in the Workday system.

Student Job Search

We know it can be overwhelming trying to find a part-time job. As a college student, this may be your first time seeking employment. For those of you already employed, maybe it is time to begin thinking about a new part-time position that will help you gain more transferable skills and experience for your future career. Students searching for on-campus jobs can use our online system, Workday.

Student Onboarding

After being hired into an on-campus position, there are specific onboarding tasks you will need to complete before your first day of work. If you have already worked on campus, you will not need to complete these steps again. 


The first steps you need to complete in Workday are "Update Personal Information" and "Edit Government IDs." Both of these tasks will show up in your Workday inbox AFTER you have been hired. If you have not yet been prompted to completed these tasks in Workday, please ask your manager to request your hire.



After updating your personal information and government details, you will be prompted to complete your Federal Form I-9, tax withholdings, and direct deposit elections. 




Time Tracking

If you are an hourly student employee, your hours will need to be tracked in Workday. All of your hours must be approved by your manager and they will work with you to create a work schedule. Different departments manage time reporting in different ways, so please work with your manager to learn the best way to enter your hours for your specific position.

Page last modified January 29, 2024