On-Campus Wage Rates

The classifications and charts below are provided to help you determine the minimum wage you should be paying your students based on the work they complete for your department and the amount of responsibility they are given. Whenever possible, we encourage departments to pay their student employees above the minimum recommendation listed in addition to providing their students with a one step pay increase at the start of each Fall semester.


Recommended Wage Chart - Implemented Fall 2023


Step A

Step B

Step C

Step D




































Wage Chart Changes

With the Workday implementation, we are no longer constrained when selecting student employee wages. With the start of the Winter 2024 semester, managers (with the approval from their department head) can select any wage in which to pay their student employees. To help keep wages across campus consistent, we have updated the classification system to help departments select an appropriate wage for their student employees based on the work the students are completing. Keep in mind that this wage chart is used for recommendation only. It is up to the discretion of the hiring department and the budgetary constraints within the department to select an appropriate rate. 

Michigan Minimum Wage is currently set at $10.33 per hour. Students cannot earn less than this, per hour, for any job completed on campus.

Classification Responsibilities, Skills, and Supervision


Job Duties

Skill Level



Low difficulty

Training needed in simple procedures

No previous experience needed

No special skills needed

Closely supervised at all times

No independent judgement needed


Some mild difficulty

Training needed in fairly simple procedures

Some experience preferred but not needed

Few special skills are needed

Closely supervised throughout shifts

Little independent judgement needed


Some difficulty

Works within general guidelines with general direction

At least 1 semester related experience preferred

Some related skills and knowledge are needed

Daily supervision check ins

Uses some independent judgement and initiative


Moderate difficulty

Works within specific guidelines with specific direction

2 semesters of related experience preferred

Related skills and knowledge is needed

Some supervision needed throughout

Works mostly independently after proper training


Moderate to high difficulty

Works within specific and sometimes complicated guidelines

Minimum of 2 semesters related work required

Ability to perform some duties with minimal training

Some supervision as needed

Works mostly independently


High difficulty

Works within complicated and intricate guidelines or regulations

Minimum 1 year related experience required

Ability to perform some to most duties with minimal training

Some supervision is needed, may supervise students

Works mostly independently, may use professional judgement


High to very high difficulty 

Works within rigorous regulations and strict guidelines

Minimum 2 years related experience required

Performs many high level duties

Minimal supervision is required, supervises students

Works independently with some professional judgement

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