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Review Your Paycheck Withholding for Federal Taxes

This is a 5 minute YouTube video that explains how to use the IRS calculator

The IRS is advising taxpayers (you) to review your paycheck withholding for federal taxes for this year and next year.  The tax reform bill will affect everyone and may have an unexpected financial impact when you file your personal tax return.

These helpful links to the IRS page and the tax calculator are here to help you determine if you are having enough federal taxes withheld on your total household income. Also, a 5 minute IRS YouTube video that walks you through how to use the calculator.  Please read the questions carefully. 

Tax Calculator and Tax Tips

If you would like to test scenarios on how much your paycheck will change by increasing or decreasing your exemptions for the remainder of this year please use the Salary Calculator

If you would like to submit a new Federal W-4 form, please click here and return the form to our office by intercampus (1035 JHZ) or by fax to 616-331-3975

Request and Print your W-2 & 1095-C Electronically

If you haven't already done so we encourage you sign up to receive your 2017 W-2 and 1095-C electronically.

Click here for instructions on how to sign up and print your 2017 W-2!

2017 Form W-2 Box 12 code descriptions

Form W-2 Reference Guide for Box 12 Codes


A - Uncollected social security or RRT tax on tips

K - 20% excise tax on excess golden parachute payments

V - Income from exercise of nonstatutory stock options(s)

B - Uncollected Medicare tax on tips (but not Additional Medicare Tax)

L - Substantiated employee business expense reimbursements

W - Employer contributions (including employee contributions through a cafeteria plan) to an employee's health savings account (HSA)

C - Taxable cost of group-term life insurance over $50,000

M - Uncollected social security or RRTA tax on taxable cost of group-term life insurance over $50,000 (former employees only)

Y - Deferrals under a section 409A nonqualified deferred compensation plan

D - Elective deferrals under a section 401(k) cash or deferred arrangement plan (including a SIMPLE 401(k) arrangement)

N - Uncollected Medicare tax on taxable cost of group-term life insurance over $50,000 (but not Additional Medicare Tax) (former employees only)

Z - Income Under nonqualified deferred compensation plan that fails to satisfy section 409A

E - Elective deferrals under a section 403(b) salary reduction agreement

P - Excludable moving expense reimbursements paid directly to employee

AA - Designated Roth contributions under section 401(k) plan

F - Elective deferrals under a section 408(k)(6) salary reduction SEP

Q - Nontaxable combat pay

BB - Designated Roth contribution under a section 403(b) plan

G - Elective deferrals and employer contributions (including nonelective deferrals) to section 457(b) deferred compensation plan

R - Employer contributions to an Archer MSA

DD - Cost of employer-sponsored health coverage

H - Elective deferrals to section 501(c)(18)(D) tax-exempt organization plan

S - Employee salary reduction contributions under a section 408(p) SIMPLE plan

EE - Designated Roth contributions under a governmental section 457(b) plan

J - Nontaxable sick pay

T - Adoption benefits

FF - Permitted benefits under a qualified small employer health reimbursement arrangement

See Box 12--Codes.

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