Homecare/Childcare Posting Instructions


1. Access the LakerJobs-Employer Page.

2.. Login to your account.

  • If you are a current user, enter your User ID and Password. Click on "login"
  • If you are a new user, click on "click here to register".

3. Create an Account if a new user by entering your name in "Find Your Organization".

  • If you locate your name, place check mark in box, then click "continue". If you do not find your name click "Can't find your Organization" button.

4. Enter and complete the Employer Information:

  • Your organization name must follow the following format: "last name-Household". Example: Smith-Household
  • For Industry select either Homecare or Childcare.
  • Fill in all other required boxes in Employer Information.

5. Contact Information

  • As a Homecare/Childcare employer the Employer Information and Contact information should be the same.
  • Fill in all other required boxes.
  • If you prefer that student not have access to this information - select "no" at "include your contact information in the employer directory".

6. After clicking on "register", the system will take you to the LakerJobs home page. From there you may:

  • Update your contact information by selecting My Profile.
  • Add a job by selecting "My Jobs" - "New Job"
  • Edit a job by selecting "My Jobs" - "Job List"

Adding a New Job (Do not add a job if you are updating your current job)

  • Click on My Jobs, then New Job. Enter job information. Fields with asterisks (*) are required.
  • It is expected that the job will pay the Michigan minimum wage.
  • Under "Posting Information" Applicant Type - Student.
  • Under "Show Contact Info" there is an option for you to indicate whether you want contact information viewed or not. If you do not wish to have your address available choose "no".

After adding a job or making changes to an existing job, the information will be reviewed by Student Employment before it is activated on LakerJobs.

Please note: Student access to LakerJobs is limited to alumni or students admitted to GVSU.

Page last modified May 9, 2017