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The Seidman Dean's Office and the Information Technology department provide resources, support, and reservable technology to enrich the workplace and classroom experience.

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GVSU's Information Technology department provides comprehensive University-wide resources for faculty, staff, and students.

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Technology Support is provided by the Seidman Dean's Office and the Information Technology department; this website will help identify the correct resource for your technical issues and needs.

Seidman Technology Lending Library

Technology lending reservations are completed through the Seidman Dean's Office. Video and audio recording equipment is available for innovative approaches to learning.

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The Digital Studio promotes visual learning through content creation, project development, and technology exploration.

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From getting started to advanced technology integration into teaching, the eLearning team is here for you! 

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Seidman Team Rooms

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Technology Notifications

Microsoft releases annual updates to Windows 10 called Feature Updates.  These updates include new features, visual improvements, and other changes to improve the user experience and security of Windows 10 devices.  Beginning May 9, 2022, Information Technology (IT) will begin deploying a new feature update to all IT managed Windows 10 devices.

Why do I need to update?
All Windows 10 Devices managed by IT are running a Windows 10 release that will be reaching the end of service in June of 2022.  Installing the new Feature Update ensures Windows 10 devices will continue to receive required updates.

What to expect?
All Windows 10 Devices managed by IT are configured for automatic updates.  If working on campus or remote, your Windows 10 device will start receiving prompts to install the Windows 10 update on or after May 9.  More information on the Windows update process can be found in our Service Portal knowledge base article including information on scheduling options to install this update. The installation process can take 30-60 minutes and should not be interrupted once started - please give yourself enough time for the update to install when starting. This update will not affect any stored data, applications, or personalized settings on your computer.

What’s new?
To learn about new features available, open the Tips app – it’s included in Windows 10. To Open the Tips app choose Start -> Tips on your Windows 10 device.

Who do I contact with questions?
If you have any questions, please contact IT Services at 616-331-2101, by email at [email protected], or by submitting a ticket in the Service Portal.

Thank you,

Jason Kunnen
Director, Enterprise Architecture

We are pleased to announce that all faculty, staff, and students now have access to Gartner Research. Gartner is one of the world’s leading research and analysis providers in the information technology industry.

Gartner Research could be valuable for everyone. Here are just a few suggestions for how you might benefit from this service.

For Faculty:

  • Research emerging technologies and industry trends.
  • Discover new educational technologies and best practices.
  • Use data and information to substantiate research papers.

For Staff:

  • Stay abreast of current technology trends in higher education.
  • Research prospective technology vendors.
  • Take advantage of continuous learning opportunities.

For Students:

  • Gather data to use in research papers and class presentations.
  • Research current technology trends in your area of study to give yourself an added advantage when you graduate
  • Learn more about prospective employers.

Please visit and sign in using your GVSU email account and password to access Gartner Research.

Grand Valley Knowledge Base / Information Security / Password Manager / 1Password Getting Started

Your passwords and other sensitive information may be stored and managed securely with the use of 1Password, a password manager. In addition to helping you create secure passwords and thwarting phishing attempts, 1Password will also streamline your daily tasks and free up time by solving your password-related issues. You do not need to be concerned about remembering a complicated master password because your 1Password account is linked to your GVSU account in Okta.

A 1Password Business account can be requested by full-time faculty, staff, and adjuncts with an active contract. Student accounts (i.e.,, accounts for faculty without an active contract and retirees are not supported at this time.

Watch this quick video tutorial to help you get started. and use the Knowledge Base: 1Password | How to Sign Up to request your account.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact IT services at (616) 331-2035, at [email protected], or by visiting IT Service Desk Portal.

Information Technology | College Wide Meeting 10/15/2021

Duo Setup Process Video

To request a Duo account, faculty can visit the Duo Request Website if they are on campus. If not they can email [email protected] and request a Duo account. 

Please take these steps today so that you do not experience any service disruption with Blackboard later this month. If you have questions, Justin offered to meet with the faculty here at Seidman to provide assistance. Please reach out to him directly at [email protected] if you would like his help.


Office of the Vice President for Information Technology | Email 9/13/2021

We have been using Duo for Multifactor Authentication (MFA) since 2016 to secure connections to GVSU's VPN. Due to the prevalence of Malware incidents across our nation, security requirements continue to evolve. In addition, GVSU's cyber insurance providers are now mandating MFA. In light of that, we will be rolling out MFA for all faculty and staff applications throughout the next year. The initial timetable and list of current applications are at the bottom of this email for your reference.  Also, all new services deployed by IT will go live requiring MFA.  For student-facing applications, MFA will be rolled out following the completion of faculty and staff applications.

Most of your accounts have already been provisioned. However, if you would like to verify your account is set up, please visit here and click on the "Request Duo" button.

If you need to reinstall the app on your mobile device, you can find instructions here.  The Duo mobile push option is the preferred method as it is the fastest and requires no additional cost. In addition, the SMS text and Phone call options are available when needed but cost the university money each time they are used. Therefore, if possible, the push option is highly recommended.

Office of the Vice President for Information Technology | Email 9/17/2021

The new Service Portal at and IT Service Management system are live!  

The Service Portal will include IT Services (formerly the Help Desk) and other departments in the future to provide you with access to a comprehensive list of common technology resources and offerings which will enable you to:

  • Find answers to your questions via the Knowledge Base
  • Submit a ticket 
  • View your current and previous requests 
  • Request services via the Service Catalog 

Check out the Service Portal training video. This five-minute video will walk you through using the service catalog, how to submit a ticket, and other features.

What is a Service Catalog? A service catalog is a comprehensive, organized collection of common IT related services. You can learn about the technology services available, and request assistance for those services that you cannot resolve. 

The brand-new Knowledge Base has several articles pertaining to the questions we receive daily in IT. Articles will be added continuously to provide you with the information you need and empower you to resolve technology issues on your own.

Who do I contact with questions? 
Please contact IT Services at [email protected] or 616-331-2101 to assist you with your needs.

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