When visiting any of our physical library locations strict adherence to preventive measures is required, including the wearing of face coverings and maintaining 6 feet of distance from others in the library at all times. Here's what you need to know to have a safe and successful visit.

We continue to provide support online for GVSU students, faculty, and staff through our online services.


Group Study Rooms

Group Study rooms are open for individual study or socially distanced groups of two.

The University Libraries has reservable study rooms and first-come, first served rooms available in both the Mary Idema Pew Library and Steelcase Library.

How Room Reservations Work

Our study rooms can be reserved up to 10 days in advance online or at time of need using the touch screen outside each room. You can make up to three (3) hour-long reservations each day. Empty and available rooms can be used, but be sure to reserve the room to prevent another person from reserving it.

You must arrive within 15 minutes of your reservation, or the room will be available to others.

Looking for quiet place to study?

Mary Idema Pew: Try the Reading Rooms on the 3rd or 4th floor or the quiet spaces around the book stacks. 

Steelcase: Try the Reading Room for an intimate, quiet study environment. 

Study Rooms

Whiteboard markers are not provided.

Conference-Style Study Room

Photo of a conference style study room

These rooms include a large table, a whiteboard, and are equipped with a 46" flat-panel display and a digital camera with microphone. 


  • Mary I: 2nd Floor, Rooms 202, 203, & 205
  • Mary I: 3rd Floor, Rooms 302, 304, & 305
  • Mary I: 4th Floor, Rooms 404 & 405

Data Inquiry Lab

Photo of the Data Inquiry Lab

Located in the Knowledge Market, this rooms houses the Data inquiry Lab but is reservable outside of regular hours.


Mary I: First floor, Room 135

Lounge-style Study Rooms

Photo of a lounge-style study room

These rooms offer a whiteboard and are equipped with a 46" flat-panel display and a digital camera with microphone. 

  • Mary I: 2nd Floor, Room 204
  • Mary I: 3rd Floor, Room 303

Media Prep & Digital Collaboration Rooms

Photo of a Digital Collaboration Room

These rooms are equipped with whiteboards, a computer, HD video capture, and media:scape equipment that allows multiple laptops to be connected to the 46" display. 

  • Mary I: Atrium, Rooms 003, 004
  • Mary I: Atrim, 005
  • Steelcase: Room 109A

Presentation Practice Rooms

Photo of a Presentation Practice Room

Located in the Knowledge Market, these rooms offer technology for practicing and recording live presentations in a classroom setting, including a projector & screen, DVD player, computer, laptop hookup, digital document camera, speakers, microphone, and HD video and audio capture. 

  • Mary I: First Floor, Rooms 133 & 134
  • Steelcase: Room 111A, 113A

Seminar Room

Seminar style room

The largest group study room provides a large table, whiteboards, and is equipped with a projector and screen. 


  • Mary I: Second Floor, Room 216

Small-group Study Alcove

Photo of small study alcove

Two Small Group Study Alcoves offer soft seating and are equipped with whiteboards. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • Mary I: First Floor, Rooms 112 & 114

Innovation-Zone Study Alcove

Photo of the innovation zone study alcove

These three alcoves offer floor-to-ceiling whiteboards and a variety of configurable furniture. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • Mary I: Third Floor Innovation Zone