Strategic Priorities & Initiatives

Strategic Priorities and Initiatives for 2021-2026

  • Develop Distinctive & Relevant Curriculum
  • Multi-Dimensional Approaches to Learning
  • Learner Success
  • Societal Impact

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Strategic Priority Reporting

Action teams are encouraged to provide regular updates on significant progress and intended next steps by using this form. You may either type in a description of the progress or attach a document. These updates will be useful to monitor progress and for our reporting to the university as well as accreditation reporting. Thank you for taking the time to provide an update.

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Strategic Priorities and Initiatives for 2016-2020

Summary of Strategic Initiatives by Year (2016-2020)


2020-21 Initiatives were Suspended Due to COVID-19

2019-20 Initiatives

2018-19 Initiatives

2017-18 Initiatives

2016-17 Initiatives

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